Monday, March 14, 2011

Selah's Surgery

I just wanted to remind everyone to pray for Selah this morning.  We will be leaving our house at 5AM to head to Dell Children's Hospital.  I fed Selah a bottle of formula at midnight, which will be her last feeding before surgery.  We must check in at 6AM, and I expect the surgery to begin somewhere around 7:30AM.  They said to expect a 2 hour surgery.  The plan is to do a shunt revision (replace the current shunt with a programmable shunt), and drill a few holes in the skull to place catheters to drain the blood that's collected between the brain and the skull.  I believe Selah has a subdural hematoma, and the google research of that condition is NOT good.  But, we have faith that our Father knows His beloved Selah, she is precious to Him, and He will guide the surgeon's hands.  Our Jehovah Rapha is able to heal all conditions, there is nothing too difficult for His healing hand.  Thank you for praying!

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