Sunday, March 6, 2011

Please Remember Selah

Selah (our 5 month old baby who has hydrocephalus) will be hospitalized tomorrow, Monday, March 7, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers.  Although Selah's actual procedures (an in-depth brain MRI and a CT scan of her skull) are not risky, she will be under anesthesia with intubation (meaning she'll be "knocked out", dependent upon a ventilator for breathing) for about two hours.  Signing all of the consents, acknowledging the risk of death from anesthesia (although it's a very slight risk, it's still a risk we must consent to), and saying goodbye to our sweet Selah as she's wheeled away to the operating area will undoubtedly be an emotional time for us, as this will be a reminder of the very last time we held our Princess Chrissie in our arms.  I can already tell that we will be dependent upon our Father to hold us together during this time (just typing this up in the comfort of my own home, not even sitting in the sterile hospital environment, brings up emotions and a rapid heart rate!)  I'm sure the pre-op nursing staff and anesthesiology team will be a little perplexed about our emotional behaviors for a simple brain MRI and CT scan!

Selah will check into the hospital at 9:30AM, go to pre-op, have her procedures around 11AM, finish procedures around 1PM, stay in the recovery room until around 2PM, then, if she recovers well from anesthesia, she'll be discharged sometime around 2:30PM.

Selah will not be able to have anything solid after 1:30AM, no formula after 3:30AM, and no clear liquids after 7:30AM.  Keeping an infant from crying out with hunger pains will be challenging, so we appreciate your prayers that Selah will be content without any feedings until she's in recovery (and that she won't get sick during recovery, as is common after anesthesia.) 

We're so grateful to have the support team God has raised up for our family via this little blog.  I will try to update tomorrow afternoon after Selah's recovery, and, of course, if there are any emergency prayers, I will post those immediately.  Thank you for praying for us!

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