Friday, March 18, 2011

Selah's Doing Well

Praying for Selah, written in Arabic, English, and Hebrew
Artwork compliments of Michelle in Jerusalem
Thank you, Michelle!!!

Selah had a much better day (Thursday) than her morning started out with all of the IV problems.  She does not have an IV right now, and they're hoping that will work until she has her shunt replacement because she'll already be undergoing anesthesia for the surgery, so they can place an IV without causing horrendous pain.

When I stated that Selah had been poked 6 times trying to get an IV in, I should have clarified a bit that this wasn't your normal poke, like when they're trying to draw blood and miss the vein, or the vein rolls, or it collapses.  They had a sonogram machine where they could see her veins, and there was only one vein that was a possibility.  All of her other veins were too small to get an IV in.  So, they used the sonogram machine to guide the MASSIVE needle (poor baby girl!!!), but they could not get it to go into that vein.  I cannot even tell you how much blood was dripping out of poor Selah's arm.  SIX times.  They had to change her sheets afterward.  The screaming and wailing and flailing and fighting and kicking was so, so, so very hard to endure for ME, and I wasn't even the one experiencing the pain!!!  I felt so horrible not to be able to help my baby girl.  I was praying so fervently, even laying hands on Selah and the IV specialists, and one nurse even cried out for God to help her, but nothing.  Oh it was horrible.  I'm just glad that's all over with now.

As far as I know, Selah won't be getting any more tests done today (Friday).  They know there's more to drain from the hematoma still, based upon how much has been collected thus far in the drainage collection, so it's my understanding that they're going to wait until Monday to repeat the CT scan to determine the size of the hematoma as well as the size of the ventricles where they need to place the shunt.

They started Selah on oral antibiotics tonight (since she can't have her IV antibiotics anymore...the antibiotics are to help prevent infection since she has a hole in her skull and her abdomen right now), and it appears that the oral antibiotics are hurting Selah's tummy.  She's only had one dose thus far, so maybe it's just something coincidental.  Prayerfully, the tummy ache will go away and not be related to the antibiotics, as she must take the antibiotics 4/x/day!

Selah's constipation problems have been resolved through prayer and Miralax!  Yay!  She went so much today that it went all over the bed!  At least her tummy doesn't hurt due to constipation!

Thank you all for praying!  We are grateful!
Thanks, Michelle, for the beautiful artwork!

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