Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Selah

Selah and I both crashed this afternoon while Daddy stood watch over baby. Whew, what a glorious blessing to get some rest without worrying about a thing!!!

Selah drank 12 ounces of formula around 6:30pm, which is all she's had the entire day. She's been conked out most all afternoon and evening, but we woke her for meds this evening and she was STARVING. She gulped down all 12 ounces in about 10 minutes, including burp time!!! She wanted more but we were afraid she'd get sick after so much anesthesia and no food all day.

Oh how delightful it feels to have Selah in our arms again. The only tube attached to her body is her IV. Yay! We're allowed to hold her and love on her and burp her on our shoulder and rock her! We take these things for granted until we're not able to do them, ao I'm praising God for all our blessings tonight. Our cup is overflowing!

Selah will have to have neuro and vital checks every 4 hours, plus be woken for meds each time they are due. her IV is still working, so I hope this one will hold up until she's released. It took the anesthesiology team 2 tries ti get an IV, while Selah was already sleeping from the gas mask. I'm just so thrilled that she's doing well and hopefully we'll get to go home SOON!!!

Pray for good sleep for Selah and Mommy, as well as no complications, no infections, no issues. Pray that the shunt will work perfectly at the current setting, but if it needs to be adjusted that we would catch it and get it fine-tuned before we go home.

Thank you sweet and faithful prayer warriors!

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