Thursday, April 18, 2013

Missing Those Unforgettable Bear Hugs

This day is a sad day for our family.

Chrissie and Daddy

April 18, 2010, was the last day Chrissie spent in our home.

Chrissie dancing

We had a party for our princess before she underwent open-heart surgery the following morning.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 149

We didn’t realize this would be Chrissie’s last party on earth.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 159

She loved everything about her party, particularly dancing with her daddy.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 210

And Chrissie loved all of the jewelry she received.  After all, she thought her name was “Christyn Jewelry Patterson” instead of “Christyn Joy Patterson.” Smile

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 185

She loved Barbie dolls.  Chrissie’s birth name was Barbara, and everyone who knew her in Serbia called her “Barbie”.  She thought Barbie dolls were actually her. Smile

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 174

Such a beautiful princess who brought immeasurable joy to our family.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 162

Three years later, and I’m not sure it’s any easier.  We’re just more accustomed to walking through this day.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 003

Our house and family isn’t the same without our Serbian Sensation.  We have the joy of the Lord, but our spunky little princess is deeply missed and always will be.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 261

We know the party Chrissie lives every single minute in heaven is unfathomable, but our selfishness still wishes she were here with us.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 268

Chrissie’s dark, sparkling eyes, her contagious smile, her infectious laugh, her dimple on her upper left cheek, her bear hugs that almost felt like a strangle—none of those things can ever be replaced.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 274

But we praise God that we WILL one day feel those hugs again, look into those eyes again, and hear that laugh again.  One day in heaven, all things will be made new.  No more tears, no more pain, no more missing our beloved daughter.

Chrissie's princess party and surgery 062

For now, we press on toward living our lives on earth for His glory, looking forward to the day we stand in His presence and have our daughter run and jump into our arms once again. 


Tonight, instead of partying on earth with my princess, I am speaking to a local MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group, in memory of Chrissie.  One of Chrissie’s former PICU nurses contacted me to ask if I would speak.  While I’ve spoken to a variety of groups over the years, the emotion evoked by speaking on this anniversary of the last day Chrissie was in our home, coupled with being asked to speak by a nurse who cared for our daughter, causes me to feel that lump in my throat, feeling on the verge of tears, yet bossing my heart and pressing on toward the goal.  Lord, help me to run this race with Your perseverance, for Your glory.  And, Jesus, please give Chrissie a big ole bear hug from her mommy!

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