Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bless Their “Soles”

Do you have a pair of Crocs (or copy cat Crocs) that you’re not using anymore?


If so, we’d LOVE to bless the “soles” of Guatemala with your old Crocs!

Mattie will be going to Guatemala this month on the mission trip she won to serve at Village of Hope.

Because there are so many Guatemalans without shoes, or wearing shoes that are several sizes too small, or wearing shoes that no longer have soles…


Mattie would LOVE to bring a suitcase full of Crocs to bless the soles of Guatemalans.

You can help make this possible by sending your old Crocs to us!


Here’s the details:

  • Crocs must be received by next Wednesday, April 17.  Hurry, you just have a week!
  • Mail to the Patterson at PO Box 1708, Kyle, TX 78640.
  • Guatemalans have smaller feet than Americans, so we don’t need really big sizes.  (My guess would be nothing larger than a men’s size 8.)  We need Crocs for all ages and genders.
  • If your old Crocs have holes in the soles or are too badly worn out, we don’t need them, but if they’re still in gently used condition, we’d LOVE to bless the soles of Guatemalans with them. Smile
  • The reason why we’re asking for Crocs is because they’re so lightweight, we can stuff a suitcase full and not be over the baggage weight limit.  We’re happy to accept copy cat Crocs. Smile


All photos in this post are taken directly from the blogs of Amy Block and her daughter Addisyn found HERE and HERE.  The Block family founded Village of Hope in Guatemala.  The Blocks, along with another Guatemalan missionary family, the Uchereks, will be delivering the Crocs to needy Guatemalans during Mattie’s mission trip.  Mattie feels so very blessed to be a part of this, and she’ll send us some photos of the soles of Guatemalans being blessed with the Crocs you provide!


Thank you!

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