Monday, April 29, 2013

Mattie’s Home!


A number of you have contacted me to make sure Mattie made it home from her mission trip to Guatemala. We are happy to announce that, YES, Mattie’s HOME!  We all missed her greatly, but Selah’s “welcome home” to Mattie was over the top!  I so wished I had been prepared to capture it all on video.  By the time I got my video going, Selah had calmed down.  When she first saw Mattie, Selah ran like a Cheetah and jumped into Mattie’s arms, all while squealing with delight, “MATTIE, MATTIE, MATTIE, MATTIE, MATTIE!!!”  It was the most precious “welcome home” in history in our family!!!


We’re preparing to drive to Nashville for the Summit 9 conference, hosted by Christian Alliance for Orphans. It’s a HUGE conference on orphan care, education, resources, and advocacy.  We’ve been blessed with a myriad of families and friends who are watching some of our kids at home while the others are going with us to the conference!  YAY, we’re so excited!  We already have plans to meet up with some of you there, and I hope to meet many of you in person. Smile


Oh, one more thing:  Hopefully the Boss Your Heart shirts will be posted on our blog tomorrow for pre-orders.  Many of you have asked if we’re done selling them.  Nope, we’re running a little late this year, but we WILL BE selling our Spring 2013 Boss Your Heart shirts as a fundraiser to help orphans around the world, in memory of Chrissie.  Stay tuned, you’re going to LOVE the new colors and designs!

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