Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mattie’s in Guatemala!

Mattie is in Guatemala serving on her mission trip at Village of Hope.

photo 1

She was so very excited to go on her first mission trip without anyone from her family.  This is part of what she believes God is calling her to do in her future—serve orphans internationally.

photo 4

My friend Amy (founder and director of Village of Hope in Guatemala) posted some photos of Mattie, so I’m sharing them here.

photo 1

Can’t you just see the joy radiating from Mattie?

photo 5


I know Mattie, without a doubt, is LOVING her time serving in Guatemala.

photo 2

And I know, without a doubt, the people of Guatemala will be blessed by our Mattie, who has a huge servant’s heart.

photo 3

Mattie can speak some Spanish, but the photo below looks like no words were needed to convey love. Smile

photo 5

As much as we all miss Mattie, we know she’s right where God wants her this week. 

photo 4

Thank you, Amy, for taking these photos and sharing them with me.  Thank you for taking such great care of Mattie, too.  Mattie, we love and miss you dearly!  Keep shining for Jesus!  You rock!

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