Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chrissie’s Legacy Continues

I find it particularly fitting that two children who have a Chrissie connection are being united with their forever families this month.


I was completely unaware of one of these adoptions, but my heart rejoiced yesterday when I was made aware that London Joy, of Serbia, had joined her forever family in Texas.


London Joy was formerly known was “Maria”.  She was a precious little girl with Down syndrome whose referral photo reminded us of Chrissie.  When Chrissie went to live with Jesus, we asked people to donate to Reece’s Rainbow in memory of Chrissie, in lieu of flowers.  Reece’s Rainbow allowed us to select a child to receive Chrissie’s memorial fund.  As we prayed over various children, “Maria” was the child God led us to.  Maria was from Serbia, she was the same age as Chrissie, and her referral photo showed pure JOY, much like our Chrissie.


A family committed to adopting “Maria”, but later found out that “Maria” was not legally available for adoption because her paperwork wasn’t completed.  That family ended up adopting from a different country instead.


Over the last three years, we’ve prayed for Maria as she’s come to mind.  Her smiling face and pure joy has been forever embedded in my heart. 


So, you can imagine my elation yesterday when I discovered that precious “Maria” was chosen by a fabulous family right here in Texas, and “Maria” is now “London Joy Burman”!!!  And she’s HOME!!!  Chosen, treasured, and rescued!  Hallelujah!!! 


The Burman family didn’t know about the connection of our Chrissie to their London.  They named their daughter London Joy.  Chrissie’s name was Christyn Joy.  They created a video to capture their daughter’s adoption journey into their family, and the first song in the video is Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Cinderella is a very special song to our family which always brings tears, for it was the last song Chrissie danced to here on earth, held in her daddy’s arms.  The Burmans also have a 15-year-old daughter with the exact same name as one of our 15-year-old daughters:  Madelaine Grace.  (Note the name is MadelAine, not Madeline or Madeleine.  Not a super common spelling of “Madelaine”.)  Don’t tell me our God’s not in this story!


Please watch the video below of London Joy Burman’s adoption story.  I know it will bless your socks off, as it did mine.


And, another adoptive momma and friend sent me a photo of her new son, a photo taken today in Bulgaria:


Here is the photo description/update on Facebook:  “Medical is done. Embassy appointment this afternoon then we're ready to head home! Orphan no more! Thank you Chrissie for being part of our journey. — with Lorraine Immel Patterson.”


God is so good to share this exciting news with us.  Even three years after Chrissie left this earth, she’s still playing a role in the rescue of orphans around the world.  This is her legacy, and we’re so grateful to be a part of her story, written by Him.  Seeing orphans become treasured family members is the best hug for a hurting heart, especially when there’s a Chrissie connection.  So grateful to be rejoicing alongside these families right now!

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