Saturday, August 11, 2012

We’ve Got an Answer!



Conner’s stool cultures grew out to confirm that he has Salmonella!!!


What a complete SHOCK.


We have NO idea where Conner picked up Salmonella.  Conner’s main diet is Boost Kid Essentials nutrition drinks.  He’s recently started allowing us to feed him pureed foods by spoon, but he normally eats what we eat, just pureed style and in very small quantities.  We’re just stumped regarding where his Salmonella came from, but the most important thing is that we have an answer to the source of Conner’s pain and bloody diarrhea.  Praise God for providing answers to this mystery!!!


Conner has already started to feel better with fewer bouts of inconsolable crying.  His lab work is showing that his kidneys are working, and all of the wonky stuff is starting to normalize, going in the right direction.  They added TPN (nutrition via IV) Friday night, with hopes that Conner will be able to slowly begin oral feeds again in a few days.  He will remain hospitalized until everything is able to get all balanced out.  Right now, Conner is 100% dependent upon his custom IV fluids to keep him hydrated with all of his levels balanced.  The next step would be to get him drinking enough fluid to replace the amount he’s losing through his crazy massive diarrhea.  Then he’ll need to slowly begin an elemental nutrition drink to see if his gut is able to handle it.  Eventually, he’ll need to move back to normal feeds, but that’s not necessary for discharge, as long as everything else is balanced adequately.  No one is able to predict how long this will take, particularly since Conner is still considered acutely ill.  Salmonella normally runs its course within 10 days, and we’re already seeing improvement on day 4, so of course we’re praying Conner will zoom through this and get home SOON!!!!!!!!


PS  Conner had his Upper GI with lower bowel exam Friday morning, but the official results won’t be back until sometime Saturday.  This was mainly to look at anatomy to determine if there’s an anatomical reason why Conner has been vomiting so much over the past few months.  I think it all looked fine, but we’ll know for sure once the radiologist writes up the official report and sends it over.


Thank you all for praying!  Conner’s definitely moving in the right direction!  Yeehaw!

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