Monday, August 27, 2012


Today is my 41st birthday, so I’ve spent a little time reflecting upon my life, particularly the events of this past year.

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  • Never did I imagine my husband would surpass so much more than I ever prayed for.
  • Never did I imagine I’d have 11 of the most amazing kiddos in the entire world who continuously amaze me with their hearts and actions.
  • Never did I imagine our kid count would go from 12 to 11 in 2012, that we’d have to send one of our children (who wasn’t yet adopted) back to his former family.
  • Never did I imagine I’d have a daughter living in heaven.
  • Never did I imagine my mom would also be in heaven on my 41st birthday.
  • Never did I imagine we’d adopt two children who have Down syndrome.
  • Never did I imagine the blessing of an undeserved hug from a child TWO children with Down syndrome.
  • Never did I imagine Summer of 2012 would hold three separate hospitalizations for three separate family members, plus Conner’s and Cooper’s hospitalization March ‘12, Cooper’s club feet repair and surgery March-May ‘12, plus 2 ER visits for Kiefer, one for Sawyer, and one for Selah.  Whew!
  • Never did I imagine I’d know how to flush PICC lines and administer IV antibiotics.  (Can’t believe with all of our hospitalizations/special needs that we’ve never had a kid with a PICC in our home before.)
  • Never did I imagine that on my 41st birthday, I’d be taking two sons who have Down syndrome to visit their public school classroom, then taking Conner to his infectious disease doctor to hopefully have his PICC line removed.
  • Never did I imagine I’d consider the responsibilities on this day a privilege and joy.
  • Never did I imagine God would change me so greatly, perpetually circumcising my heart, lending me eyes to see life from His perspective—to see blessings instead of burdens, to count hardships as joy, to love unconditionally.
  • Never did I imagine the depth of God’s love for me—deeper than I can fathom.


I still have a long way to go, but praise God, He’s still working on me!!!

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