Friday, August 17, 2012

From Conner

I’m hijacking my mom’s blog because she’s a little bit exhausted.

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I love making silly faces at my mommy.

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I can always make her laugh.

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She always tells me how precious I am.

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Hmmmm…lemme think about it…yep, I think she’s right.


Yesterday I got to drink a little bit of my nutrition drink.  I was able to hold down 1/2 ounce nutrition drink mixed with 1/2 ounce Pedialyte every hour.  It tasted really yummy, and I wanted to drink more, but the doctor told my mommy to only give me as much as she did.  I forgot how much I like for my mommy to feed me.  For six years, I was used to having an empty belly, but now I like the way it feels to have some yummies in my tummy!!!


I only had one poopy diaper yesterday, but it was a big blowout.  I didn’t mind because I got to take my first bath in 10 days!  I LOVE baths!  I splashed water all over the floor and everywhere I possibly could.  It was lots of fun!

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I didn’t cry one single time yesterday.  I charmed everyone who came into my room.  I rocked in my mommy’s arms for most of the day.  When I wasn’t in Mommy’s arms, I was cracking myself up in my crib.  I seriously love the balloon and crinkly lion stuffed animal my daddy brought me.  I’m discovering that toys really are fun to play with and not just throw.  Of course I still like throwing stuff, but what boy doesn’t?


I was supposed to be going to sleep last night, but instead I was mischievous and pulled apart one of the lines/tubes that was supposed to be connected to my PICC line.  My mom said it was the line that was supposed to carry my TPN (IV nutrition) into my body, but I thought maybe if I pulled it apart, they’d feed me some REAL food!!!  I didn’t realize that my blood would pour out of the line.  Oh well, I tried.  And it was sure fun to see my mom get all of my nurses to come help her get it straightened out, put back together, and cleaned up.  I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently everyone else did.


After they got me all cleaned up, my mommy tried to get me back to sleep, but I really wanted the party to get started.

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I’m feeling so much better, and I think they should let me go home.  I was trying to invite everyone to my late night crib party, but no one showed up except Mom.  Oh well, we had fun together.  Did I mention  how much I love my balloon?

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So my mom tells me that I can’t go home until I’m able to drink my nutrition drinks and enough water/fluids to stay hydrated.  Well, if the docs would let me have more, I’d show them that I CAN do it because my mommy tells me I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.


Will you pray for me to be able to go home this weekend?  I really miss my family!  The doctors are still watching what my mom says are “wonky” labs, but I haven’t heard if my platelet and blood counts are returning to normal or not.  I hope so because I really want to go home.  I’m really missing being able to go outside and play with my siblings.  Since I’ve been been required to remain in isolation here (because of my Salmonella), I can’t leave my room for anything.  I lived that life for six years in my former orphanage where I stayed in a crib all the time.  I’m ready for freedom again!


My doctors don’t think I’ll be able to go home until sometime next week, but I’d love to surprise them and show off what my God can do!  Thank you for praying for me!


PS  I’m still awake at midnight!  My clinical assistant just told me that out of all the patients he’s seen in the 8 months he’s worked here, that I’m his favorite.  What an honor!

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