Saturday, August 25, 2012

A New Path

Once upon a time, I taught public school.


Until I had my first baby in 1996.  He was born the day after school ended, on May 25.  From that day on, I never returned to teaching.


And not one of our children have ever attended public school either.  Not because we feel like it’s bad or wrong, but because God asked us to homeschool.  (We did have a season where our oldest son attended a private school through first grade.) 


I love each of my children fiercely, and I’ve been so very grateful to God for growing the friendships and relationships that He’s formed through homeschooling.  Spending pretty much 24/7 together does amazing things for hearts and souls—a closeness that’s not easy to find, nor create.


So my heart feels a little heavy because God has asked us to enter a new season, and just like when He called us to homeschool, I have timid feelings.


God has asked us to send Cooper and Conner to public school this year.  They will be in an amazing self-contained Kindergarten special education classroom with a fabulous Christian teacher, with awesome therapists (who all happen to be Christians, too), in a great primary school in our  little town.  This is a milestone for us…and for Cooper and Conner.


And while my heart feels heavy, I KNOW this is what God has asked us to do.  I know Cooper and Conner will love it.  I know they will learn so much more than we can fathom.  I know they will grow by leaps and bounds.  I KNOW these things, and yet the thought of having them away from us for about 8 hours/day almost gives me heart palpitations!!!  Seriously.


I almost feel like someone else will be raising our children—like we’re going to miss out on so many of their firsts, and yet they might not reach many of those firsts if they don’t attend public school.  And so we celebrate, in a bittersweet sort of way, trusting the One who knows us intimately.  He knows what is best, even if my heart starts pounding at the thought of being separated from Conner and Cooper 40 hours/week.  Eeeeeek!!!


The boys’ teacher came over Friday night, along with their school occupational therapist.  I love them both, and they’re part of God’s testimony to help me with this transition.  Every single person we’ve talked to within our little public school system has bent over backwards to accommodate our little guys.  They all so excited about the boys coming to school.  Their enthusiasm brings joy to my heart.  I’m so very grateful for each of them and their hearts for our boys.


The first day of school for our guys will be Tuesday, August 28 because Conner will see his infectious disease doctor Monday the 27th to get his PICC line out (as long as his labs all look good).  I’m going to take both boys to school for a little orientation on Monday for an hour or so, then we’ll be off to the doctor.  Conner’s completely recovered from his bout with Salmonella…praise God!!!!!!! 


Please be praying for my Momma’s heart to release these boys daily, trusting in the One who loves them more than I.  Pray for both Conner and Cooper to LOVE school (I truly believe they will), and pray for everyone involved in their care, development, and education.  This is such a big milestone for us.  Grateful for God’s voice, direction, provision, and perfect plans…always.

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