Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Videos of Miracles

Cooper (age 7, home from Ukraine for 5 months now) has taught us so much over the last five months.  He’s a smart guy who is growing and progressing by leaps and bounds.  He is still non-verbal, but a miracle occurred last night before our very eyes.  Who knew what a good ole American French fry could do?!?!  WOW!!!  Cooper accomplished three of his target goals in one sitting with one silly French fry!!! 


Watch the video below to see Cooper sign “more”, chew his French fry, and reach out to take another fry from me to feed to himself.  I’m truly amazed, as he’s never done any of this before.  We’ve been working hard on all of these goals, and over the last week or so, Cooper has been exploring the concept of chewing/gnawing, but nothing like this.  The boy CAN feed himself, chew, and ask for more!!!  I wish I had known how Cooper would react to French fries.  When I first gave him a small bite, he actually giggled and squealed and kicked his feet with excitement, then eagerly signed “more, more, more”.  That is a moment I will always cherish.  Thank you, Jesus!


And then we have our miracle girl, Selah, who is now 22 months old.  Selah has hydrocephalus and agenesis of the corpus collosum (missing the section of her brain that connects the right and left hemispheres), and her doctors didn’t expect her to live.  Selah joined our family at age 7 weeks, and she continues to completely WOW all of her specialists.  Her vocabulary and speech are developing rapidly.  After being gone 12 days at the hospital with Conner, I was quite surprised to see how much Selah had changed just in that short amount of time.  Selah used to never look at books, no matter how much we tried to “force” her to love literature, but yesterday she cuddled and looked at books with Mattie and me.  What a delight to witness more miracles unfolding before our very eyes.  Don’t miss six minutes of Selah showing off God’s glory in the video below.  Thank you, again, Jesus!

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