Monday, August 6, 2012

Missing Nana

On Saturday, Kiefer (our 4-year-old Haitian son) picked up a pretend phone.  His short conversation pierced my heart.


Kiefer:  “Hi Nana”…(pause, as if he was listening to Nana talk)…”I miss you.”


That’s all it took to bring tears to my eyes.  Nana (my mom) went to heaven unexpectedly just two days before last Christmas.  She was such a good and loving grandma.  She adored children, and she helped with our kiddos anytime she could.  They all knew how much she treasured them.


The timing of when God took my mom to heaven hasn’t made a bit of sense.  Two days before Christmas, plus just weeks before Matt and I went to Ukraine to adopt Conner and Cooper.  My mom would have helped with our kids in our absence.  She would have helped with Conner and Cooper once they were home.  She would have been a tremendous help with all of the hospitalizations and health issues we’ve faced the last few months.  My mom always offered to help, and I never felt guilty because…well…she was MY MOM.  We just don’t feel guilty accepting help from our moms because that’s what moms are for!


However, in my mom’s absence from this earth, Jesus has been so very good to provide another person in our lives who continues to step in and serve in ways we least expect.  God has been using our dear friend and ministry partner, Stephanie, to minister to our kiddos and family in a grandma sort of way.  She is our amazing school teacher, but she’s also always offering to help in ways that Nana would have done.  We feel so very blessed that Stephanie is who she is.  God’s sovereignty and faithfulness is evident in so many unexpected ways.  Oh how we praise Him through this storm.


Kiefer, buddy, I’m with you.  “Nana…I miss you!!!”

Nana and PawPaw grandkids

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