Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Steps

Just a quick update to let y’all know that Conner is doing AWESOME!!!


His appetite has returned, he’s staying hydrated, and his energy level is back to normal.


And last night…


Drum roll…


Conner WALKED!!!!!!!!


I know this picture isn’t good quality, but it’s all I was able to capture.  Conner caught us all completely off-guard when he started walking.  He took about 10 steps, independently, without holding onto anything.  The most  he’s ever done is 4 at a time.  We were all shocked to see him go so far!!!  Go Conner!  Go God!!!


Conner will keep his PICC line until this Monday, August 27.  He’s receiving IV antibiotics at home (I’m his nurse for drug administration, and he has home health services for blood draws and dressing changes).  If all of Conner’s labs look good, he’ll get the PICC line taken out Monday, and hopefully life will return to normal for all of us.  Conner’s infectious disease doctor explained that she’s seen cases where children relapse and get Salmonella again after stopping their IV antibiotics, so pray against any further infections/attacks.


Thanks so much!

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