Saturday, August 18, 2012

It Cannot Be!

Today is Naomi’s 20th birthday!!!  This just cannot be true!!!!!!!


Naomi joined our family on June 19, 2010 at the age of 17, just one month after Chrissie went to live with Jesus.  Naomi survived the horrible Haitian earthquake, and she and her birth mother prayed for Naomi to be given a chance to be given the gift of life by coming to America.


Naomi has flourished in her spirit over the last year, particularly within the past 5-6 months.  If you didn’t read my post about Naomi last year on her birthday, click HERE.   As we’ve gotten to explore Naomi’s learning difficulties, we’ve discovered it’s more challenging than we originally thought.  But, God has shown us that He has a plan for Naomi, to prosper her and give her a hope and a future.  It just looks different than most Americans would imagine for a 20-year-old.


Naomi isn’t capable of living independently, but she is absolutely thrilled to be in a family.  Her goals and desires line up much more closely with God’s than what we originally imagined for Naomi.  We now know that God has a plan for Naomi to stay with Matt and I indefinitely, and we celebrate that gift.  We believe Cooper and Conner will most likely be with us indefinitely as well, but we truly view this as a rare gift.  Not everyone gets to have the blessing of their children never moving out, to remain active in parenting until God calls us home.  What a rare blessing that is!


Naomi has blossomed since Conner came home from Ukraine.  Naomi truly loves helping with young children, but finding a way for her to serve in this capacity was a bit challenging…until CONNER came home from Ukraine!!!  On the very first night that we came home from Ukraine, Conner crawled directly into Naomi’s arms.  From that day forward, Naomi has taken Conner under her wing.  One of our kiddos describes Naomi as Conner’s “Nana”. She is able to serve in a grandmotherly role with Conner—she absolutely adores him, helps whenever/however she is able, and lets him get away with anything and everything, spoiling him rotten!!!  Just like a grandma would do, and that’s exactly what Conner needs, and apparently God knew that was what Naomi needed to.  I’ve never seen her so happy, absolutely flourishing, overflowing with pure joy!!!


We are blessed to have Naomi as our daughter, and we’re humbled and grateful God would choose us to be her forever family. 


Happy 20th birthday, Naomi Faith!


PS  Conner was moved to the regular floor of Dell Children’s Hospital. He’s doing awesome.  He’s tolerating oral feeds well, and there’s a slight possibility he’ll be able to go home this weekend.  He will have his PICC line in for 2 weeks of IV antibiotics at home.  Home health has to be set up (insurance must approve it, and an agency that will come out to our little town in the middle of nowhere AND work with Aetna is a challenge), so pray that all of this will come together quickly.  Conner’s case manager believes Conner won’t be able to go home until next week, but the doctors said it might happen this weekend.  Thanks for praying!!!

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