Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Wait Some More...

Well, I just heard from our Ukrainian facilitator that our letter of invitation is now signed and dated, BUT our dossier doesn't have a registration number yet.  The SDA told our facilitator to come back in the morning (Wed.) and assured her everything would be ready.  I was told the appointment date range for current dossiers in country will be somewhere between Dec. 5-29.  We have no idea where our case will fall within those ranges, but it looks as though my hubby will be in Ukraine in December. 

I don't recall if I ever mentioned this, but Ukraine normally requires both parents to travel to Ukraine to complete an adoption, but they will waive that requirement if there is a medical reason why one spouse cannot travel.  We were originally told that Selah would have phase 2 of her skull reconstructive surgery in November of this year, which was exactly when we *thought* we would be in Ukraine, so my husband petitioned to adopt the boys as a married individual without the spouse traveling.  Our paperwork and requirements are different than a traditional adoption where both parents travel (we have to do more steps/more paperwork), but that was the only way we felt we could move forward with adopting the boys, knowing (at the time) that Selah would be in the hospital for at least a week in November, with a 2 month recovery afterward. 

Turns out that Selah might not even have to have that second round of surgery (praises and glory to God!), but our paperwork was submitted to the Ukrainian SDA stating that I would not be traveling with my husband.  We are praying for God to show us IF He WANTS me to travel along with Matt, or if He intends for me to stay home with our other children.  We're fine with either arrangement, we just want to obey what God knows is best.

Ukrainian adoptions normally take at least a month to complete, so based upon the current appointment dates (Dec. 5-29), the boys will most likely NOT be home in time for Christmas, but, with God, we are reminded that all things truly are possible.  This is all in His hands, the most trustworthy place possible where all things happen at the perfect time, regardless of how things appear to us.

As with all adoptions, the only thing predictable is that nothing can be predicted. :-)  So, we may or may not know more tomorrow, but we will certainly let you all know the moment we hear something! 

My husband has a routine colonoscopy tomorrow (he has ulcerative colitis), so I'm hoping that while I'm waiting for him in the hospital (during his procedure), I'll be able to work on that post that's treasured up in my heart regarding the most awesome surprises our Father bestowed upon us.  I just need some time to write from my heart to try to adequately share with you the glorious blessings of our Father.

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