Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Blog: Shopping with a Purpose

orphan cross shirts 069

Hop on over HERE to get all of your Black Friday shopping done, without ever leaving your home!!!  No waiting in lines, no sitting in traffic.  No need to even get out of your PJ's!  Plus, when you shop HERE, you're shopping with a purpose.  An eternal purpose. 

Really, could it be that good?  That easy?  That rewarding?  YES!  Your purchases will rescue two orphans, plus your purchases will bring awareness of God's promise through John 14:18, to not leave us as orphans.  And the gear is AWESOME, with a great variety.  Definitely something for everyone on your list!

Do your one stop shopping with a purpose today!  Hurry, just 3 days left in round two of our John 14:18 sales, our Thanksgiving blitz.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Don't forget about the giveaway!  A chance to win a free t-shirt!  Click HERE to enter the giveaway each time you spread the word and/or make a purchase.

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