Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today’s The Final Day!!!

Hoodies, decals, tote bags, and a variety of tees,

won’t you join us in spreading the word, please?!?


orphan bag blue


Tonight, at 11:59PM CST, sales will end for the awesome John 14:18 gear.  This fundraiser has been a great success thus far, and I’m curious to see what God does on this very last day.  If you recall, we extended the order and giveaway deadline after receiving several requests that we keep taking orders until payday (Nov. 15).  Would you join me in praying today that God will abundantly bless this final day of our fundraiser? 


Would you please join me today in praying that God will abundantly bless this final day of our fundraiser, and will you please help us spread the word that this is the FINAL day for John 14:18 orders? 


I don’t want to have to turn anyone away after the deadline, so we must get the word out TODAY.  It’s the last chance to purchase your John 14:18 gear because I have to turn the orders in to our gracious t-shirt guy so he can get everyone’s orders fulfilled by the first week in December.  After 11:59PM CST tonight (Nov. 15), it will be too late to accept orders.  As much as I hate to have a deadline, it simply has to be done. Smile


Remember that you’re eligible to enter the giveaway if you spread the word about the fundraiser and/or order John 14:18 gear.


Click HERE to order your John 14:18 gear today.  Remember to leave a comment to enter the giveaway!


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