Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decorating with Vinyl Decals

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I LOVE decorating with vinyl decals.  I have a variety of vinyl decal scriptures displayed throughout our home.  I mainly stick the decals on the walls, but I’ve also put them on tiles.  I’ve seen tons of fun ways to use vinyl decals, and I’m so excited to have the John 14:18 scripture available as a piece of art just waiting to be applied in a variety of ways.    Do you have a favorite way of using vinyl decals?

I love using vinyl decals because they look fabulous and very professional, and I don’t have to attempt to paint whatever image I purchase, I can simply peel and stick!  Plus they’re removable, so I can change my décor easily if I want.  The decals don’t even leave residue behind.  I just love vinyl decals!

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I’ve been thinking of a variety of ways to display the vinyl John 14:18 cross decal.  Of course, I’m loving being able to display this on our big ole 15-passenger van (my hubby already has it on his truck window), but I’m equally excited about displaying this piece of art in our home.

I’ve made a small list of things I can stick this John 14:18 vinyl decal to.  I’d love to get your ideas of other ways we can use the decal.  The possibilities are vast…leave me a comment to share a fun way that we can display our John 14:18 vinyl decal.  Here’s my little list of ways I’d like to display it:

  • decorative tiles
  • laptop
  • mirrors
  • walls
  • refrigerator
  • windows (vehicle and home windows)

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