Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look Who's Walking!

Selah's been taking steps for about a month now, but every time I tried to capture it on video, I always failed because Selah's love of exploring the video camera always trumped showing off developmental milestones for Mom.  

Tonight, I actually captured Selah taking steps!!!  She is now at the phase where she's realizing it's much more inconvenient to crawl everywhere, not to mention the scuffed shoes and callused knees :-).  Hallelujah!  We praise God for every milestone Selah reaches!

Selah's physical therapist (hi Amanda!) assessed her muscles, tone, etc. this week, and she is amazed that every bit of Selah's spasticity, high tone, and muscle issues are all completely normal now.  No signs whatsoever of any problems.

I also don't think I ever reported that Selah is completely off her anti-seizure medication now.  She no longer has the official epilepsy diagnosis that she was delivered to us with.

And I did mention that Selah is missing part of her brain, right?  There are NO signs, whatsoever.

I'm telling you, God has worked SO. MANY. MIRACLES. in this precious baby girl's life.  So many.  I don't say this lightly.  Our other miracle girl, Chrissie, was a testimony of God's miracles as well, so we are familiar with the feeling of awe when doctors discover and disclose evidence that cannot be explained by anything other than God's miracles.  At times, I feel like we've gotten so accustomed to miraculous news that it no longer seems like it's a big deal...until someone in the medical profession stands in awe and explains to us how this never happens, that they've never seen this, etc.  Then our eyes are opened again to the true miracles He has entrusted us with.  We truly are in awe of His miracles, the latest one in the form of a baby who wasn't supposed to have been born alive, much less thrive.  To God be all the glory.  ALL the glory.  There is no other explanation, and no one should receive any praises for this except our Creator, Healer, Redeemer, Author and Giver of life.

I praise God often for entrusting us with both Selah and Chrissie, two girls who shouldn't have ever survived on this earth.  While Chrissie only survived 4 years on this earth, it was 4 years longer than she technically/scientifically/physically should have, and the time God gave us with Chrissie was time we will always treasure.  Always. 

Children are a blessing, every single one of them.  Thank you, God, for sharing your precious miracles with us.  Words cannot express how grateful we are.

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