Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Really Good News!

Yesterday, Selah had her 2 month post-op follow up with her craniofacial reconstructive surgeon and her neurosurgeon.  They are so very pleased with Selah's progress, how her skull looks, that she hasn't had any bonks to her head that would compromise her skull shape, and that she is now considered a typically developing child.  All of this is for God's glory, not man's, and we are oh so grateful for the mighty works God is displaying through precious Selah's life.

The original plan of the reconstructive surgeon had been to do phase 2 of Selah's skull reconstruction just 2-3 months following phase 1.  That would have put Selah back into surgery this month. 

The really good news came yesterday when Selah's neurosurgeon explained to us that there's a possibility that Selah will NOT need any more skull reconstructive surgeries!!!!!!!

The surgeons suggested we wait until 6 months post-op (which would be March 2012) to look at how Selah is doing.  They will take pictures of Selah's skull and brain (via CT and MRI) in late February/early March to determine whether or not Selah will require any more skull reconstructive work. 

They explained that it will take a full 6 months from her phase 1 reconstructive surgery in order to determine what her brain is going to do.  Ideally, Selah's new skull shape will give her brain the properly shaped cavity that it needs to grow properly and thrive.  As long as Selah continues to thrive over the next 3-4 months, and the pictures show that Selah's brain has enough space to grow, that her brain has taken on a round fashion, with the right parts in the correct area (where they should be), and that the frontal lobes are not too crowded due to the narrow front portion of her skull (particularly around the temples), then SHE WILL NOT NEED SURGERY!!! 

Please join us in praying for God to continue to show His miraculous work in Selah's life, and for Him to provide ultimate healing so that Selah will NOT need another surgery!!!  To God be all the glory.  We are so grateful for all He has done in our precious baby girl's life.  Thank you for joining us in prayer for Selah's complete healing.

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