Sunday, November 13, 2011

Payday Extension!

Several people contacted me to ask if I could extend the order deadline for the John 14:18 gear until payday, November 15 (orders were supposed to end today).  After I received several pleas for an order extension, I visited with our gracious t-shirt/gear guy, and he agreed to let me extend the deadline for orders until Tuesday, November 15!!!

This means that we now have 3 more days to accept orders!!!  I will also extend the giveaway deadline until Tuesday, November 15, so that both cut-offs coincide.

Please keep spreading the word about our John 14:18 fundraiser.  You can be eligible for the giveaway simply by sharing our fundraiser with others.  Just leave a comment HERE to let me know, and you could win some free John 14:18 gear!!!

The John 14:18 gear is extra special for us because this gear continues to carry out Chrissie's legacy at multiple levels.  The gear features Chrissie’s Boss Your Heart logo on the front, plus the John 14:18 scripture became Chrissie’s life verse once God called her Home.  The John 14:18 artwork that our friend, Zoe, created, is just incredible.  I absolutely love it.

But this John 14:18 gear is so much more than the portrayal of Chrissie in the artwork and logo, it’s a reminder to us of Jesus’ promise to us, to not leave us as orphans, as He gave His very life for us.  The ransom He paid was not too great, and He has told us that the ransom to rescue our boys from Ukraine is not too great either.  God is raising the ransom for our boys through the sales of the John 14:18 gear, while the gear is spreading the message of Jesus’ promise to not leave us as orphans.  That’s some pretty amazing gear, I’d say!

What a privilege it is to be chosen and adopted by our King of Kings. We're so undeserving, yet He chose us anyway.  What an honor it is to declare that God adopted us, through the ransom His son paid, as He lives out His promise to us in John 14:18:  He will not leave us as orphans.  I just love the message of this gear.  He will NOT leave us as orphans, He WILL come to us.  Every one of us.  And He will enable and equip us to come to orphans around the world through the inspiration of John 14:18, because He first did this for us.

Thank you, Jesus, for paying our ransom with your very life.

Click HERE to purchase your John 14:18 gear today, and spread the message of His promise to not leave us as orphans.  Thank you!

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