Friday, November 11, 2011

Highlighting the Hoodie

Today I’d like to highlight the John 14:18 hoodie.


orphan cross shirts 061


Available in two color choices and designs (hot pink and grey), I just LOVE both of these hoodies!


orphan cross shirts 079


In my part of Texas, we don’t really have a “real” winter.  Temps fluctuate greatly, where one day it might be 90 degrees and the very next day 30 degrees, in the middle of winter.


In fact, I remember the first winter that Meribeth was with us.  She had lived her first 11 years in a tropical area of Colombia where it didn’t get colder than about 60 degrees.  We had warned her about Texas winters, trying to educate her about the extreme temperature fluctuations, but her first winter in Texas was quite tropical and made us look like big liars!


December 2008 051


This is a photo of Meribeth taken in December 2008, shortly after we’d gotten home from adopting her.  Maybe God wanted to be gracious to Meribeth as she transitioned from tropical Ibague, Colombia, to the hill country of Texas, because He gifted her with a very warm winter welcome where temps were about 90 degrees (maybe warmer).  Meribeth spent many of her first winter days in Texas swimming in our pool, scootering, and playing outside in her swimsuit and flip-flops, yes, smack dab in the middle of winter.


Then came the following winter, when the girls woke up one morning to SNOW, in December 2009.



I know you can’t actually see the snow in the above photo, as it hadn’t yet stuck to the ground, but I promise you, it was snowing.  When the girls woke to snowflakes, they ran outside for a photo, and even though we didn’t capture the snowflakes, we did capture the smiles of a special Texas snowflake gift of December 2009.


This is where the hoodie comes back in.  We were all scrambling to find hoodies throughout the winter of 2009 in Texas.  Note to Texans:  everyone needs a hoodie, even us Texans, because one never knows when the temps are going to go from 80 one day to 30 the next.  


And, us Texans, just LOVE to pull out our hoodies when the winter weather dips below 70 degrees, even if we have to wear our hoodies with shorts.


For the rest of you, who have real winters, well, I don’t need to encourage you to purchase one of these awesome hoodies.


Only 3 days left to purchase your awesome John 14:18 gear.  Click HERE today to peruse and purchase, and don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be entered in the giveaway!


Remember, you have the opportunity to win FREE John 14:18 gear just be spreading the word!  Shout it out to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email, shouting from your rooftop…whatever works to get the word out.  Smile


Thanks and I look forward to seeing pics of you and your kiddos and your friends and your family all wearing the awesome John 14:18 hoodie this winter, even if it’s paired with shorts!

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