Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes, I Hear What You Hear…Sort Of :-)


Conner had his hearing re-checked yesterday, and we’re happy to announce that his hearing has improved!!!  Apparently he’s had fluid behind his eardrum for an unknown period of time (could have been his whole life), which has made it hard for Conner to hear properly.  His eardrum had very little movement almost 3 weeks ago when the ENT and audiologist examined him.  After his course of antibiotics to treat the fluid, his eardrum is already showing more movement (less fluid).  Praise God!


While Conner’s hearing is not in the normal range (yet!), the ENT is hopeful that within the next six months, it will be, without having to get tubes!  YIPPEE!  I just love seeing such powerful redemption of our Jehovah Rapha, one miracle after another.  He surely has big things in store for both Conner and Cooper!


PS  Can you believe the chubby cheeks Mr. Conner has developed in just FIVE short weeks of being home?!?!  I tell ya, Jehovah Rapha is working rapidly to restore life to these boys!!!

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