Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Special Blessing from Special Friends

I have something very special to share with you.  Click HERE to read a very special story with very special photos on Carrie’s blog, our amazing friend and the blessed mom to the awesome Iron Man Rowan.  With Carrie’s permission, I copied and pasted the story and photos she posted on her blog today.  I know this will bless your heart the way it did mine.  Thank you, Carrie, for sharing, and thank you, Rowan, for pushing your IV pole all the way to see Chrissie’s leaf, for praying for us, and for being the Iron Man courageous miracle boy that you are. 


For those who aren’t familiar with our special friend, Rowan, he’s truly a miracle, an unexpected blessing God chose to share with us.  God first connected us to Rowan and his mom, Carrie, during Chrissie’s 31-day battle.  Rowan occupied the same PICU room just before Chrissie entered it.  Rowan spent a month fighting for his life at Methodist Children’s in SA, just as Chrissie did.  Rowan has a special connection to Chrissie that cannot be explained any other way than God. 


Please pray for Rowan.  He’s back at Methodist Children’s in SA where he’s been fighting, once again, for his life.  He’s doing much better now, but he is always in need of prayer as he has a rare disorder, Shwachmann-Diamond Syndrome.  Here’s the story that Carrie posted today on her blog:

Special walk for a special friend...

Today marks an especially sad anniversary for Rowan's "girlfriend in heaven" Chrissie Patterson. Two years ago today she went in for her massive open heart surgery, and it was the last day they saw her precious eyes open and heard her precious laughter.

Chrissie passed away in the PICU here 31 days later. She died from complications from that surgery. If you've followed Rowan's story or read the past blog posts here, you will see what a special connection these two children had, though they never met while she was alive. Amazingly enough, just last night, while he himself is back here in the same hospital where they originally "met", when they stayed for a month straight each, Rowan sat up in bed and asked: "Am I on that floor where Chrissie's leaf is on the memory tree?". When I told him yes he was, he said "Can I go walk there tomorrow?". Rowan couldn't have known the date, or realized that "tomorrow" was "today", the very day she went into that surgery. Not to mention that he has spent the past 12 days here in bed, half of it in PICU again, and hasn't walked or even stood up on the floor for those 12 days. But I knew that wouldn't stop him, and I didn't want it to. Here he is making this special trip for his special friend on a very special day. And I couldn't help but sense that I was witnessing yet another miracle, another special Chrissie/Rowan miracle. Blessed beyond words...hope it blesses you too!

"Good Morning Mom-Can I go to see Chrissie's Leaf now."

"C'mon. Lets Go!"

"This is hard work pushing this pole with all these pumps."

"I remember where her leaf is on the memory tree. There it is!"

"Chrissie Patterson"

"Big Kiss"

"This is the leaf I want to be on someday. Right by Chrissie." (tears)

"Does this remind you of me and Chrissie?"

Special Prayer for Chrissie...

Special Prayer for Lorraine and Matt. (got down on his knees for this one)

"A blue butterfly and a pink flower! She'd LOVE those."

(I don't know what it is, but something so special about this photo, with his name showing on his hospital id bracelet and her name on the tree, yet they are so connected.)

"One more kiss."

Blowing her kisses.

"Bye Chrissie. See you in my dreams and in heaven..."

"Remembering you today and every day Princess Chrissie!"

"I love you-My special Girlfriend in heaven. Love, Rowan"

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