Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy 12th B-day, Buckshot!

Wow, it’s hard to believe Sawyer (AKA “Buckshot”) is 12-years-old today!!!  He’s our baby biological kiddo, but he’s growing into a man all too quickly.


Sawyer's 12th bday 003


As I’ve said before about Sawyer, he’s our tender warrior.  He is very much like his daddy. Smile  He brings lots of love and laughter to our family, but one of the unique things about Sawyer is how awesome he is with kids.  Buckshot is able to have fun with just about anyone, anytime, doing anything, and he’s comfortable with kids of all ages and abilities.  He doesn’t let anything scare him away! 


We’ll often find Sawyer kayaking on our pond with 2-3 little ones in tow, then challenging everyone to a swim in the murky waters, trying to see who can touch the bottom.  Buckshot’s also an incredible team roper, and he’s able to both head and heel, which is a special talent not many are able to do.


Sawyer’s an awesome young man who I feel God has big plans for.  We feel so very blessed God chose to share him with us.  Happy 12th birthday, Buckshot!


Sawyer's 12th bday 008

Sawyer celebrated his birthday last Sunday at Genesis Ranch (where we attend church) with an airsoft party.  (Airsoft is a type of gun that shoots plastic pellets.)  I made him a camo dairy-free cake (Sawyer has severe food allergies), while the other guests enjoyed cupcakes.  Buckshot and his buddies (again, all ages and abilities) had a blast!  Here are some pics from his celebration…don’t miss the shots of Selah below!

Sawyer's 12th bday 012

Sawyer's 12th bday 009

Sawyer's 12th bday 010

Sawyer's 12th bday 015

Sawyer's 12th birthday 062

Sawyer's 12th birthday 064

Sawyer's 12th birthday 066


Selah is also allergic to dairy, so she helped herself to Sawyer’s yummy camo cake.  Only thing is, the camo icing didn’t lend itself well to a little princess, but she didn’t seem to mind a bit. Smile

Sawyer's 12th bday 022

Sawyer's 12th bday 025

Sawyer's 12th bday 027

Sawyer's 12th bday 030

Sawyer's 12th birthday 050

Sawyer's 12th birthday 056

Sawyer's 12th birthday 058

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