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Kiefer’s Fishing Hook Miracle

Fishing is one of Kiefer’s favorite activities.  While I was outside working on our pool, Parker and Kiefer went to our pond to fish.  I quietly watched and treasured up these moments in my heart.   The site of Kiefer peddling his tricycle down to the pond, getting his fishing pole, catching grasshoppers to bait his hook, then patiently waiting on a fish to bite, just made my heart smile.

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 002

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 004

When no one else can catch a single fish, Kiefer ALWAYS catches at least one, most of the time he catches fish cast after cast.  He could sit by our pond and fish ALL.DAY.LONG.  Sun up till sun down.


Well, not too long into this brotherly fishing adventure, I went inside the house to feed Conner and Cooper while Parker and Kiefer continued fishing in the pond.  Suddenly I noticed Parker carrying Kiefer up our driveway with his fishing pole in his hand, Kiefer dangling along Parker’s side.  Something inside me immediately panicked.  I ran out the door to holler to Parker to make sure everything was alright.


When I opened the door, I heard Parker’s voice shouting, “Mom, Mom, come quickly.  Kiefer needs you.” 


My heart beat nearly out of my chest, my palms sweated, and panic overwhelmed me as I ran to find out what was happening.  I was secretly hoping they were simply going to surprise me with a big fish on the line, but I had already assumed by the tone of Parker’s voice that this wasn’t a fun surprise.


Well, the surprise was definitely a BIG CATCH, but NOT the catch anyone would hope for.

{warning: if you’re squeamish, skip the photos below}

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 006

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 008

Kiefer had gotten a hook in his eye!!!  Instead of catching the big fish, he caught himself!!!  He was so brave and calm, I was so very proud of him.  And so proud of big brother, Parker, too, as he remained so calm and helpful throughout the entire ordeal.  We tried to check Kiefer’s eye to see if the hook was actually in his eyeball or eyelid, but we couldn’t get a look at the hook part that was inside Kiefer’s eyelid, so we opted for the ER.


I called our pediatrician’s office to notify them, then we headed to the emergency room of our nearest hospital, about 25 minutes from our house.  I gave Kiefer some Benadryl (to make him sleepy so he’d keep his eye closed), as well as some Tylenol for pain.  Parker sat next to Kiefer in the car and held his hands so that Kiefer wouldn’t rub his eyes.  Praise God that Kiefer slept the entire car ride!

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 009

While we were driving, Parker explained to me that this accident occurred when Kiefer was trying to get some moss off his hook while fishing.   The hook popped out of Kiefer’s hand when he pulled the moss off, and, unfortunately, the hook landed directly in Kiefer’s eye.  Kiefer dropped his pole when the hook hit his eye, which set the hook in Kiefer’s eye.  Parker ran to Kiefer, scooped him up (along with the pole), and carried him to the house. 


We got to the emergency room, and, glory to God, they took us in immediately. 

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 010

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 012

Bless Kiefer’s precious heart, the hook still had the bait (a grasshopper) on it!!!  Oh my goodness!


The ER doctor came in and had Kiefer lie flat on his back on the bed so she could take a better look at his eye.  Four of us held Kiefer down while the doctor pulled up Kiefer’s eyelid so she could examine how to best remove the hook.  Kiefer was so very brave and tough.  He squeezed my hand and winced a little, and then this is when the miracle occurred.


Believe it or not, the fishing hook just popped right out of Kiefer’s eye without anyone even touching it!!!  Just like that!!!  The doctor was shocked as the hook literally just POPPED out of Kiefer’s eye!!!  The doctor just rolled Kiefer’s eyelid up and POP, the hook landed on Kiefer’s chest!!!  MIRACLE!!!


The doctor put the hook in  a specimen container for Kiefer to show and tell about his fishing hook miracle.  Keep in mind, Kiefer set the hook when he dropped his pole.  He had reeled in his line with moss on it, so there wasn’t any tension on the line when it hooked him in the eye after removing the moss.  No one could believe the hook just popped right back out of Kiefer’s eye without anyone having to even touch it!!!

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 013

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 017

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 018

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 023

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 025

The doctor put some drops in Kiefer’s eye to check for any scratches or tears.  The drops made Kiefer’s eye glow under infrared light, which would have shown any scratches or tears.

Kiefer's fishing hook miracle 033

And the other miracle is that Kiefer’s eye is perfectly FINE!!!  No scratches, no tears, no sign whatsoever of a fishing hook being lodged in it!!!!!  Glory to God in the Highest!!!


Here’s a video of Kiefer in the ER telling the story of what happened:

After a few hours at the ER, some antibiotic eye drops, and God’s miraculous healing, Kiefer was able to walk out of there without any signs whatsoever of this fishing hook accident.  Kiefer’s fishing hook miracle!  Thank you, Jesus!

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