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A Little One Looking For Mommy & Daddy

I am praising God for sharing with me an opportunity for all of us to rally around a little boy who needs our help.  After reading THIS POST and THIS POST on nursing home adoptions,  Facebook friend sent me information on a one-year-old medically fragile boy.


Many of us are praying for God to show us how to locate these medically fragile children so we can advocate for them.  Many have expressed an interest in adopting a medically fragile child.  The thought of any child having to live all of their days without a family either in a hospital, nursing home, or other care facility is simply heartbreaking.  It seems that there are so many agencies and organizations that advocate for a wide variety of adoptions/orphans/special needs, yet there’s a group of kiddos who are in desperate need of a voice.  These are the orphaned/abandoned American kiddos who are medically fragile, who are destined to life in a nursing home, hospital, or care facility if not adopted.


Right now there a precious one-year-old boy named Rodrigo who is desperate for a forever family.  Poor Rodrigo has spent all of his days living in a hospital where he will stay until his death, or be transferred to a nursing home, if not adopted.  Surely there is a special family in America who will read Rodrigo’s story and know that he is their son.  Please, please, please share Rodrigo’s story, and pray for God to get Rodrigo’s story to the ones He knows will become the blessed forever family to Rodrigo. 


This little boy is cognitively normal, yet his medical condition has him stuck in a hospital bed without a family to love him, kiss him, hug him, sing to him, hold him, tell him he is treasured, teach him about Jesus, read him stories, or advocate for his care.  I truly cannot imagine.  I have had several kids with extended hospital stays, and I have not ever spent one night away from any of them while in the hospital.  I have been my children’s voice when they’ve not had one.  I’ve been the one to ask for pain meds when current meds weren’t enough, the one to ask questions of medical staff in order to help make sure my child’s needs are met in the best possible way while in the hospital.  I’ve caught potentially deadly mistakes before it was too late simply because I rarely leave my children’s side when they’re hospitalized, and I have never left my children overnight at the hospital without me by their side.  I am not a hero.  I’m just a mommy, and this is what mommies do.  I truly cannot fathom a one-year-old being left day in and day out, night after night, alone in his hospital room without a mommy or daddy.  Oh how heartbreaking for this precious one to not have a mommy or daddy by his side.  This truly breaks my heart.


Rodrigo is currently living in Alabama, but his forever family doesn’t have to live in Alabama.  Please read his story below, share it, pray for him, and be Rodrigo’s voice.  He needs you to help him find his forever family.  Thank you!


Here’s the info that I received on Rodrigo, written by Annie with Lifeline Adoption Agency:


From Annie:  Lifeline has learned of a beautiful little boy who has spent the first year of his life in a hospital, knowing only the care of his dedicated nurses and doctors, never the love of a dedicated family. His birth mother is unable to take care of him and we are searching for the perfect family for this little one. His needs are great and it would very easy to just dismiss this beautiful baby boy by convincing ourselves that his needs are TOO great and TOO overwhelming and there are just no families out there willing to take this on, this beautiful child who is trapped within a tiny little body that just refuses to work. However, we serve an awesome God who knows better. He knows what lies ahead for this child and if it is his will, He will bring this child's forever family to him and He will equip them for the path that lies ahead for Rodrigo and his family. Please read about precious Rodrigo who is cognitively all there, who would know and understand the love and tender touch of a family, his very own family, not a nurse or a doctor but a Mom and a Dad. Please read and pray for this beautiful baby boy who needs so much but who will, I have a feeling, give so much back. Email me at for more information about precious Rodrigo.

This would be a domestic adoption. Rodrigo is in the hospital but still in custody of his birth mother. There are several steps in the adoption process that must happen before Rodrigo could go home with a forever family. In the chance of losing contact with the birth mother, the adoption process could be long and difficult, or the child may no longer be available for adoption.
This is what we know about Rodrigo's condition, according to conversations with a neonatologist, pulmunilogist, Social workers and nurses:


Rodrigo has a rare condition known as multi mini core myopathy, a congenital muscular disorder. He has very little to no muscle tone and will be on full support for his entire life.

He is medically fragile, and a lot of his care has to do with prevention, (making sure he does not get bed sores, suctioning his ventilator and providing proper nutrition.)

He is ventilator dependent and tube fed.

He will need multiple care givers, since two are essentially needed for his care and it can be emotionally and physically exhausting to provide the constant care needed. It is ideal to have at least three care givers fully trained to care for him. His condition is like that of a quadriplegic. He currently receives physical therapy as part of his care.

Rodrigo is able to interact some with his eyes, and can move his tongue. He recognizes his care givers and tolerates his care well, but is unable to communicate pain. He has a limited ability to respond-

He will not be able to talk..

If he is not adopted, he will most likely live in the hospital his entire life.

It’s been spoken the best setting for Rodrigo would be in a loving home, where life could be made as normal as possible for him. Doctors believe he can thrive in a different environment, although his condition will never change.

Rodrigo will be wheel chair bound. His ventilator and monitor are portable, and he is currently on a home ventilator, and is on a feeding regimen he could go home on. Before being discharged, a family would have extensive training on how to care for his needs. Outside care for him would be extremely expensive, and nearly impossible to find 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service. A family will need to prepare to spend at least a month of time preparing for the child’s discharge.

Rodrigo ‘s adoptive family will need to be close to a full service children’s hospital. They will need to be prepared to take all the appropriate steps of having a child with severe special needs in the home.. The family must also be close to a medical home or facility with a home vent program.

This would be a domestic adoption.

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