Saturday, April 28, 2012

Selah’s Sudden Injury

As if Kiefer’s fishing hook in the eye miracle wasn’t enough drama for our family, Selah fell Friday night and cut her head.  TONS of blood freaked us all out!


The accident occurred in a matter of a split second.  Our entire family was outside sitting under an oak tree visiting after dinner.  I was sitting on this little bitty roping dummy (a device our boys use to practice team roping), when Selah decided to join me.  She straddled the pretend cow’s back, which is only about a foot and half off the ground.  Selah thought sitting on this fake cow was great fun, but when she tried to get off, we think her foot got hung up and in a split second, she fell to the ground.  Her head hit the ground HARD…it actually sounded like a brick had hit the ground.  I swooped her up to comfort her, and I noticed blood dripping off my hand.  I held Selah out to look at her, and blood was pouring down the back of her head.  Everyone stood there in disbelief, particularly since we were all RIGHT THERE when this happened, right next to Selah, yet in an instant, Selah fell and blood was pouring down her head!


Matt and I ran with Selah into our house to get washrags and ice.  The cut stopped bleeding almost instantly once we applied pressure to it.  Then we were able to examine Selah’s skull to figure out how bad the cut was.  We were in disbelief when we saw how teeny tiny the actual cut was.  TEENINESY!!!

Selah's head booboo 001

That’s a lot of blood for such a teeny little scrape on Selah’s skull!!!  Our other kiddos were so concerned about Selah, so Selah marched back outside shortly after the accident to let everyone know that she was just fine.

Selah's head booboo 021

Selah's head booboo 017

Praise God for instant healing!


PS  Selah had her 18-month-old well check today, and her pediatrician shared with us that Selah is the average height and weight of a 2.5 YEAR old!!!  Wow!

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