Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Join Me…Random Requests

There seems to always be a million things I’d like to write about/share, but not enough time to do so.  In an effort to toss out a few of the random things on my mind (mainly prayer requests that I’d love for you to join me in), I’m going to simply make a list:

  • PLEASE support my amazing friend, Adeye, with their most recent adoption.  They’re adopting a 14-year-old girl, Faith, from Bulgaria who only weighs 14 pounds.  Yep, that’s correct.  Click HERE to read about the situation on Adeye’s blog.  There are TONS of awesome prizes you can win by donating and sharing her story.  You might remember that Adeye is my friend who has helped raise HUGE ransoms for so many helpless orphans.  She’s been an incredible advocate for those who have no voice.  It’s our turn to rally around Adeye to pour out blessings upon this woman of God who normally rallies around everyone else to heap blessings upon them.
  • Another family I’d LOVE for you all to support is my friend Summer.  She’s the one who took pictures of our newest sons (Conner and Cooper) in Dec. 2011 while she was in Ukraine adopting from the same orphanage that our boys were in.  Yep, she just got home with her son, Gavin (who also has Down syndrome and was in the exact same groupa as our boys), and God has called her back to the same orphanage to adopt a special princess (also with Down syndrome), Lyla.  This is quite an unbelievable fairy tale.  To read about it, click HERE.  You won’t be disappointed, and you might just win yourself an iPad or numerous other prizes. 
  • Please, please, please pray that both Faith and Lyla will have their ransoms raised QUICKLY.  Both girls are hanging by a thread.  Share their story (you can enter their giveaways just by sharing their stories!), donate, and don’t stop praying!!!
  • Please pray for Iron Man Rowan (age 5), the son of my beloved friend, Carrie.  If you don’t know how God connected us to them, go to the sidebar of our blog and type “Rowan” in the search this blog box.  There’s lots of miraculous, hair-raising stories scattered throughout our blog about Rowan and Carrie.  Rowan really needs your prayers because he’s in PICU right now fighting for his life.  Again.
  • Please also pray for my friend Nicole and her foster son.  I’ve asked for prayers for them before, as it is Nicole’s desire to adopt her foster son.  The custody trial seems to be never-ending.  I testified a couple of weeks ago, and I’m sworn under oath now not to discuss the case, but it is public record that the case is continuing over the next few weeks.  Please pray for Nicole to be filled with His peace that passes all understanding.
  • We’re coming up on Chrissie’s Homegoing anniversary of two years.  Rip my heart out.  Chrissie entered the hospital April 19, 2010, for massive open-heart surgery, and she never left the hospital.  Sad smile  Chrissie went to eternally dance with Jesus May 19, 2010. 
  • Last year, during the anniversary of Chrissie’s 31-day battle, I hosted fundraisers for 4 different families, plus we held a big benefit in memory of Chrissie.  We decided this year to hold the benefit near Chrissie’s birthday (October), so I’m praying about what to do on the blog in memory of Chrissie as we walk through the second anniversary of Chrissie’s battle.  Suggestions?  I’m considering advocating for fundraising families again, but it’s a lot of work, and I’m not sure I’ll have the time needed to do this.  If you are a fundraising family (or if you have a Chrissie-related story to share) and would like to be featured on our blog sometime between April 19-May 19, please leave a comment (preferred method bc I can keep up with these more easily) or email me at BossYourHeart [at] gmail [dot] com.  I’m praying about how to walk through this anniversary again, keeping Chrissie’s legacy alive, so I very much appreciate your feedback.
  • I’ve had lots of requests for the original Boss Your Heart t-shirt (see photo below), but we’re sold out.  I’ve entertained the idea of doing another t-shirt fundraiser with the original shirt during this second anniversary of Chrissie’s battle and Homegoing, but it requires SO.MUCH.WORK., I’m not sure I’ll be able to devote the required time to it.  Please do me a favor and leave a comment (preferred method) or email me if you would like to order a shirt.  Let me know if you’d like to have a different color option or stick with the original.  If I see there’s still enough interest, I’ll try to pull it together.

Boss Your Heart T close up

Thank you for joining me in prayer for the variety of requests I’ve shared today.  I will never be able to adequately express how grateful I am for your support, and I know the families I mentioned today are grateful as well. 

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