Friday, May 20, 2011

Prayers Needed

As you all know, the 1st Annual Boss Your Heart Memorial Benefit and Team Roping is tomorrow, Saturday, May 21.  The purpose of the event is to raise money to help orphans around the world, in memory of Chrissie.

Of course Satan would like nothing more than to destroy anything that helps orphans and glorifies God.

There's a huge viral outbreak with horses that Satan is cheering about.  The horse virus is NOT contagious to humans, only horse to horse, but many horse owners are not wanting to take their horses to public places right now because of this viral epidemic, and many states are advising all horse events be cancelled.  Our area of Texas is still OK, as of right now.

The team roping is the heart of the benefit.  Our guys have been SOOOOOO excited about the benefit roping, in memory of their sister.  That has been the one thing they could look forward to as we walk through this first anniversary of Chrissie going to heaven.  Of course Satan is trying to steal that.

I ask you to pray, in Jesus' name, that God would pour out His abundant blessings upon the benefit.  That He would send crowds to support orphans.  That He would protect the horses and all of the people He sends to the benefit.  That His name would be glorified through it all, and that Satan would be stopped in his evil schemes as he tries to devour this benefit.

As of now, the team roping is still scheduled as planned.  We will prayerfully watch the warnings about the epidemic, and if we feel we need to cancel the roping portion, we'll announce it here.  The other parts of the memorial benefit WILL happen, no matter what!  We have a huge silent auction with AWESOME items, plus FUN activities for the kids, including a HUGE inflatable slide, HUGE inflatable obstacle course, and a HUGE 5-in-1 inflatable combo!  Plus fabulous face painting by Miss Zoe, the artist of Chrissie's Boss Your Heart logo!  And kids' horse rides, too!  We also have tons of food and concessions, an awesome message with a special guest speaker, the fantabulous Boss Your Heart t-shirts, and decorations that are out of this world with photos of Chrissie everywhere, compliments of Carrie Windham and her family.  It's going to be a GREAT day in Him, a day to remember our Princess Chrissie, a day to help orphans while having a fabulous time!

Please pray for the benefit, for God's glory!  Join us if you can!  Thank you!

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