Monday, May 9, 2011

38 Raised, 109 to go! Back the Blocks today!

Time is running out to reach the goal for the Boss Your Heart Memorial Blitz to Back the Blocks, in memory of Chrissie!

Praise God for the 38 pledges He's raised up to support this precious family.  They need 109 more ongoing pledges of $25/month in order to get to Guatemala.  God can do this, we just need to be His hands and feet. 

Spread the word.

Give up something that costs $25/month and put that money toward Kingdom work by "Backing the Blocks"!  Your investment will never return void; it will have eternal reward.  There's no return as rewarding as investing in His Kingdom.  That $25 dinner will surely be forgotten, but children like Victoria will never be forgotten by the Blocks as they serve Him in Guatemala, which they will be able to do because of your generous support.

Click HERE to make your pledge.  Be sure to click HERE to leave a comment after you make your pledge so I can update the tally/counter/ticker. 

Let's watch God build this team of 147 people backing the Blocks!

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