Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She is Risen!!!

I have goose bumps all over my body as I type this update on Katie.  Our Jehovah Rapha has heard our prayers and answered our cries on behalf of this young mom, and today we are singing His praises, for He is mighty to save!!!  Katie has risen (as her husband wrote on Facebook this morning), and she appears to be doing well.  She is extubated (no longer requiring a breathing tube), and she’s responding to commands, recognizing people, and on the path to a full recovery!!! 


Y’all I cannot tell you what an absolute MIRACLE this is.  Truly, without any exaggeration, a complete miracle has occurred before our very eyes. 


Those in the medical field KNOW what an absolute miracle this is, and those who have had a loved one in the same position (dead and raised to life again) also know what an absolute miracle this is, but today I ask you, no matter your medical knowledge or personal experience, to boast in the Lord, for He is INDEED a God of miracles. 


Please continue to pray for Katie’s full and speedy recovery, for doctors to discover the exact reason this occurred and to be able to repair the issue so this doesn’t occur again, for strength and rest for Katie and her family, and for Katie’s young daughters (and all loved ones) to have peace and joy during this time.  And, of course, for this to not deter or delay the adoption of sweet Jack.  Satan will not win, our God is VICTORIOUS.  Praise Him with all your heart today!!!


Here are the Facebook updates this morning from Katie’s loved ones:


From Katie’s husband, Brett:

Brett John

Wednesday, May 16 at 7:33AM:

She is risen! Folks, I have been with Katie for over an hour. When I got here, she already had her eyes open, squeezed my hand, and knew who I was. They just now removed the breathing tubes, and she is her sweet old self! GLORY BE TO GOD! Hallowed be thy GREAT and MIGHTY name!!!


From Katie’s Dad, Leo:

Leo Cloutier

Wednesday, May 16 at 9:11AM:

Groggy and still fighting the effects of the sedatives, but she's awake and alert. She'll kill me later for posting this but the world she (should) see the proof that she is still among the land of the living.

(I refrained from posting the photo of Katie awake and alert here on our blog because I wouldn’t want Katie to kill me, after killing her dad.:-)


Leo Cloutier

Wednesday, May 16 at 6:17AM:

Wednesday Morning Update: At 9:00 PM Tuesday night, medical staff began to warm Katie's internal core temperature from the 92 degrees she had been at for the previous 24 hours back to her normal 98.6. This was done over a span of 8 hours. At about 10:30 PM, she began to spontaneously move her feet and arms. Later she had reactions to being removed from some of her other drugs that resulted in her ...throwing up and becoming even more active. This is all good. It was clear she was becoming more alert and aware. A few hours ago she was positively responding to commands to squeeze a hand and move her feet, and although she couldn't focus on much, she was able to open her eyes on command.


These are all incredibly positive signs. At approximately 7:30 AM they will begin the 12 hour process of weaning her off the Propofol, her pain and sedative medication, and hopefully bring her to full consciousness. This happens very slowly as they dial back the dosage in small steps over time. As the process progresses, the hope is that Katie becomes more alert and aware. Because she is still on a ventilator, she will likely thrash and flail against the tube, but again, that would be excellent news. At some point if all goes well, they will remove her from the vent and they can begin normative treatment.


At the crux of all this is the question of what caused her to collapse on Monday evening. When she was first admitted to the ER, they ran tests that seemed to indicate a blood clot was present in her lungs. However, after a scan later that night, no clots were found. Her cardiologist, Dr. Jackson, read her EKG and developed a working theory that Katie suffers from a condition known as Long QT Syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic website, Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a heart rhythm disorder that can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats. These rapid heartbeats may trigger a sudden fainting spell or seizure. In some cases, the heart may beat erratically for so long that it can cause sudden death.


A person can be born with a genetic mutation that puts them at risk of long QT syndrome. In addition, certain medications and medical conditions may cause long QT syndrome. Long QT syndrome is treatable. A person may need to take medications to prevent a chaotic heart rhythm. Some people with long QT syndrome require surgery or an implantable device.


Based on a conversation yesterday with Dr. Jackson, if the diagnosis proves to be correct, it's likely that the last option will be pursued. They would use a catheterization procedure to insert and implant a tiny defibrillator device in or near Katie's heart that would fire anytime her heart entered a fibrillation phase. She would never feel it and the electrical burst would maintain an even rhythm, avoiding another crisis.


Please continue to pray hard through the morning and early afternoon hours as she comes down off her medications. Brett and the rest of her family are all gathering today for what we hope to be Katie's homecoming from the brink. The early signs from her 'warm-up' are extremely encouraging, but none of us will be satisfied until Katie is awake and either publicly extolling the divine attributes of coffee, using at least 6 exclamation points after every occurrence of the word "WOOHOOO", or providing new photos of Kronk, her beloved stuffed Alpaca, to the "citizens" of the "interwebs".


To the thousands of people who have been praying so hard for the past 36 hours, our heartfelt and sincerest of thanks. And to the Most High God, He who sustains us and gives Katie and all of us our very next breath, all our praise and worship.

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