Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cooper’s Getting His Feet Repaired Today!

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Hip, hip, hooray!  Cooper is having surgery this morning to complete another step in the Ponseti method of repair for bilateral club foot!  He will go under general anesthesia at Dell Children’s Hospital where his pediatric orthopedist will “clip” his Achille’s tendons on both ankles, which will help the feet to heal straight instead of clubbed.  New casts will be placed on Cooper after his surgery, and he’ll wear those casts for three weeks straight (not getting new casts weekly).  After three weeks of the post-surgery casts, Cooper will be required to wear shoes with a bar for three years in order to keep his feet from clubbing again.  We’re praying Cooper will only be required to wear the bar boots at night, but it’s most likely going to be a requirement that Cooper wear them 24/7 for three months, then move to only night-time bars for a total of three years.


After six weeks of wearing casts and getting new ones every week, we’re excited to enter the next phase of this repair!  Cooper is getting closer to the end of his cast-wearing requirements!  Yippee!


Please keep Cooper in prayer that he won’t have any complications and that pain would be minimal. 


This surgery seems like a cinch for us, after having children undergo several brain surgeries and heart surgeries, but we still appreciate your prayers, because general anesthesia is always a risk, no matter the type of surgery.


Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and support.  Don’t forget to order your Boss Your Heart shirts and help us help orphans worldwide, in memory of Chrissie.  Enter the giveaway HERE by simply sharing about the shirts via Facebook and other social media.  Sales/orders will not be accepted after May 19.  Thanks!

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