Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dancing With Jesus Day Rapidly Approaching

It’s so hard to believe that the two-year anniversary of the day Chrissie went to live and dance eternally with Jesus will be upon us in just three days.  May 19, 2010, will forever be a day that none of us will ever forget.  Ever, ever, ever.  So many of you have shared with me that you recall exactly where you were on May 19, 2010, when you read that Chrissie had gone to dance with Jesus.  I’m still comforted to this day when I’m reminded of how many people were praying for Chrissie and our family, and I thank you for your continued prayers as our hearts will always be missing a giant Chrissie-sized piece.


It brings us such joy to be able to help orphans in memory of Chrissie.  This year’s special limited edition Boss Your Heart T-shirts are one way for us to raise money to help orphans while keeping Chrissie’s legacy alive.  Thank you to everyone who has already ordered your shirts.  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, there’s just 3 days left to place your order.  Hurry because orders will not be accepted after May 19, 2012.  (Orders will ship the first week of June.)


GIVEAWAY:  Don’t forget there’s also just 3 days left to enter the giveaway for a FREE Boss Your Heart t-shirt!  It’s easy to enter, just share about the shirts on Facebook/Twitter/blog, etc. and then click HERE to enter by leaving a comment.

black BYH tees pngblack BYH tees png


Thank you all for helping us help orphans in memory of Chrissie.  We are grateful.

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