Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For!

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Now, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for:

May 2010 misc 136

Cooper got his casts off yesterday.  He’s been in full-length leg casts (on both legs) for a total of 9 weeks now, as part of the Ponseti method of repair for his bilateral club foot.  Had Cooper been born in the USA, he would have had this repaired within the first two months of life.  Instead, Cooper lived for almost seven years with severe bilateral club foot, making it impossible for him to walk.  Almost seven years of not walking simply because his feet were turned inward and twisted.  Something that could have been repaired in only nine weeks.  Breaks my heart.

May 2010 misc 143

But today we rejoice, for He has done great things!  Even though Cooper lived for almost seven years with club feet, he has been redeemed!  He no longer has bilateral club foot!  Hallelujah!  I was given the honor of removing one of Cooper’s leg casts.  The item in the photo below is a combination of Vetrap (sticky tape stuff that we wrapped around Cooper’s casts to protect our arms from fiberglass and protect Coop’s casts from dirt and abrasion while Cooper crawled around outside) and hurricane tape (an indestructible tape that we used to reinforce the knees of Cooper’s casts). 

May 2010 misc 146


Here’s what Cooper’s casts looked like after all of the Vetwrap was removed:

May 2010 misc 147

Cooper’s casts were pretty dirty, considering he had 3-4 layers of Vetrap covering them.  Plus, he only had this particular set of casts on for three weeks.  Cooper’s TOUGH on his casts!

May 2010 misc 149

May 2010 misc 153

Look, look, look!!!  STRAIGHT FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 2010 misc 155

OK, so Cooper’s feet are disgustingly dirty after not being washed for three weeks, but hey, who cares, they’re straight!!!!!!!

May 2010 misc 156

May 2010 misc 158

Cooper always enjoys his sink baths at the orthopedist’s office when his casts were changed weekly.  Momma always enjoyed getting the dirt and stinkies off!  Cooper’s legs and feet and Achilles tendons were (are) super sore/tender.  His Achilles tendons were clipped in three places (on both tendons).  OUCH!

May 2010 misc 165

I love the orthotics man who works with Cooper’s orthopedist.  As he fitted Cooper for his shoes and bars, he shared with us that he’s been doing this for 46 years!!! 

May 2010 misc 174

Faithful Mattie attended Cooper’s appointment, as she was there for 8 out of 9 visits, so she didn’t dare skip the revealing of straight feet on this most joyous occasion!!!

May 2010 misc 177

May 2010 misc 178

May 2010 misc 180


For Cooper, the biggest thrill came after we got back home.  Cooper has patiently waited and watched as his siblings splashed about in our pool on many occasions.  Now that Cooper is cast-free, nothing’s stopping this water-lovin’ boy from some pool time!

May 2010 misc 181

This was his very first time in the pool.  Ever…in almost seven years.  Cooper was SO happy to be in the hot tub with his little siblings instead of sitting on the sidelines.

May 2010 misc 192

The reflection of sunlight in the photo reminds me of SONlight in this picture of redemption.  Sunlight, smiles, and splashing.  Thank you, Jesus!

May 2010 misc 198


Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a video of Cooper in the pool:

Praising the One who made this possible for Cooper.  Cooper will wear his bar shoes for 12 hours/night to prevent his feet from re-clubbing.  Today Cooper will get AFO’s (special orthotics to give more support to his weak legs), and soon he’ll begin physical therapy to learn how to walk!  Keep him in your prayers, please, and rejoice with us in this victory!!!


“With God, all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26

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