Monday, May 28, 2012

It Makes a Difference to This One

Back when we were in Ukraine adopting Conner and Cooper, there were so many precious darlings in their groupa (room) whom I desperately wanted to find forever families for.  Day in and day out, during our twice a day orphanage visits to see our boys, my eyes would lock on each and every child in their groupa, praying for God to rescue them.  I so desperately wanted each and every child there to be chosen, treasured, and loved by a forever family.  They all deserve so much more than life death in a cold, desolate orphanage in Eastern Europe, abandoned, alone, rejected, left in their cribs 24/7 with no one to hold them, love them, or tell them that they are treasures.


I inquired about every single one of the kids in Conner’s and Cooper’s groupa, promising myself and God that I would advocate for them all, praying so desperately for forever families to rise up and rescue these forgotten babes, but, unfortunately, most of the children were not available for international adoption. 


It was all I could do to hold back the tears when I heard that news.  I simply cannot imagine life without Light, day in and day out.  The children crying, rocking, stimming in their cribs 24/7, just to pass the time.  It is truly unfathomable how these children survive.  My heart still aches for the ones left behind, the ones without hope, the forgotten ones who would thrive in a family, but instead, are locked away, waiting to be rescued, at the mercy of their government to get their paperwork together, which many times never happens.


But one.


One precious little boy who IS available right now for international adoption.


Meet Andrew.

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“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

(author unknown)

Andrew is a precious 5-year-old blind boy who IS available for international adoption.  One of the few.  One of the waiting treasures who doesn’t even realize how blessed he is to be available.


Of course the available status doesn’t mean anything to him until someone comes.


Oh please, body of Christ, please, oh please, oh please won’t you join me in sharing Andrew’s story? 


I am confident that Andrew has a mommy and daddy out there.  A forever family who will see Andrew’s story and know that he is their son, but we must share Andrew’s story in order to find his forever family.

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This one.


It makes a difference to THIS one.


This one who IS available.


But, sadly, in his country, most special needs children at Andrew’s age are transferred to adult mental institutions where they will most likely die within a year of transfer.


What’s even more sad is that money is usually the biggest barrier that prevents families from stepping up to say YES, to be the one to make a difference to THIS one.


Please don’t let money prevent Andrew from finding his forever family.  He will perish.  I have seen Andrew’s life first-hand.  He lies in his own urine and feces for hours, with no one who cares enough to change his diaper.  He doesn’t get the privilege of playing, laughing, and learning.  He never gets to leave his orphanage room, he never gets to go outside, he never gets attention.  Ever.  He is not loved on.  He is not treasured.  He is tossed in a room full of other special needs children where not one child is considered a blessing.  They’re all considered burdens.  No one there understands the potential for Andrew.  No one realizes just how much Jesus loves each and every child, no matter the disability.  ALL are precious in His sight.  ALL.


I have a video of Andrew, and I can share first-hand about him.  I believe Andrew has partial vision, as I’ve witnessed his navigating the room when one sweet nanny allowed him out of his crib for a few minutes.  Andrew sensed my presence when we came in to get Conner and Cooper for our twice daily visits, and he sought attention from me multiple times, reaching out of his crib for me to hold him, desperate for someone to love him.  Andrew on multiple occasions cried out for me to touch him and give him attention, cruising along the play crib rails to try to get close to me.  The few times that I was allowed to give him some lovin’ (by simply patting his back and rubbing his head), Andrew always quieted, his face bathed in peace as he treasured the attention.  Andrew is longing for his forever family to find him, rescue him, and love him.  He will thrive with a loving family.  Please donate to Andrew’s adoption fund, share his story, and pray for his forever family to find him and rescue him quickly.  (If you are seriously considering adopting Andrew, feel free to contact me at BossYourHeart (at) gmail (dot) com.)


There’s an awesome giveaway for Andrew right now (until June 13).  Please click HERE to enter the giveaway.  You’re eligible for entry to the giveaway by donating to Andrew’s fund and/or sharing about him.  You can win awesome prizes for an awesome cause, and, more importantly, you can make a difference for ONE!!!


Please help rescue Andrew!  Click HERE to give your tax-deductible donation to Andrew’s adoption fund.  Sadly, Andrew currently only has $922 toward the cost of his adoption, and he’ll need at least $20,000 to fully fund his adoption.  Statistics show that if a child has a large grant, he’s more likely to be adopted.  Please help increase Andrew’s chances of being adopted!!!


Remember, your donations, large or small, and your sharing Andrew’s story WILL make a difference to THIS one.  Andrew is worth it.  Please help rescue him and be part of the team who will make a difference to THIS one!

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