Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Now that Texas is officially sweltering, we’ve been spending lots of time in our pool.  Poor Cooper can’t get in yet because he still has his casts on (post-op for his bilateral club foot repair), but he gets those off Wednesday this week.  We’re already rejoicing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for poor Cooper, and praising God in advance for the changes we’re going to see in Cooper’s repaired feet.


Cooper so badly wants to get in the pool, and we are so eager to get him in there!  We KNOW he’s going to LOVE it; he LOVES water.  For now, while Cooper’s casts prevent him from entering the pool, he gets as close to the pool as he possibly can.  Cooper crawls over to the pool fence and tries to shake it, notifying us that he wants to go inside the fence, near the pool.  The closest we can let him get is on a bench that nearly touches the edge of the hot tub.  The photo below is blurry, but it shows Cooper sitting on the bench wondering why he can’t get in the pool.  Poor guy!  He does crack up every time someone jumps into the water though, so his laughter helps heal the hurt of his not being able to get wet.  Cooper’s going to be SO thrilled when we put him in the pool tomorrow after his casts are removed.  Oh the changes that will occur around here.  Yeehaw!



Conner, however, is able to get into the pool, and he takes full advantage of that.  He prefers the hot tub, where the water is in the mid-90’s, much like a bath.  He is our little water prince.  Just look at the chub on this sweet boy who has gained nearly 10 pounds in less than three months home!


Conner is brave in the water.  No fear. 


Ella is trying to teach Conner how to swim.  Big sis is determined, bless her heart.



Conner sticks his face in the water and blows bubbles, so that’s a good start to this whole swimming thing.  Big sis is doing a great job!  (Ella is only 7 months older than Conner.  Crazy!)



Oh, and speaking of Ella, you probably didn’t recognize her in those hot tub shots above.  That’s because she’s sporting a new do.  I got the idea from my sweet friend, Jenny, who has many Liberian daughters. Her girls’ hair always looks so beautiful. She shared her secret with me.


Hair extensions!


Here’s a shot of Ella with only a few extensions in place:



Ella was SO excited to try out some long hair.  She sat patiently while I corn-rowed her hair, then Mattie and I spent a couple of hours latch-hooking inexpensive hair extensions into Ella’s corn-rows, starting at the neckline and working our way up.  It was so easy to do, the whole project cost less than $15, and Ella LOVES her new look.  Always changes happening around here.



So fun!  Thanks, Jenny, for the tips!

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