Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day

Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day.  I have to admit that until this year, I never really noticed this day before, but I’m so grateful today to have my eyes opened to the blessing of that 21st chromosome.  Our newest sons, who have Down syndrome, are still so new to us, and we’re still in the post-adoption transition phase, so I haven’t even had a chance to see what I should be trying to do today on World Down Syndrome Day. 

I do know that YOU can get in on this blessing by clicking HERE.  You’ll be blessed to see countless faces that sport that awesome designer gene!

Click HERE to learn more about a fabulous way you can help orphans around the world, many who have Down syndrome…AND, you might just win yourself some awesome prizes while you’re at it, including the new iPad 3!!!

Just for kicks, I thought I’d share a little of what March (beginning this week) and April look like as far as appointments go for our family (see list below).  I truly feel so very grateful to have this schedule, to take various kids to various appointments, to be taking our newest sons to various specialists to try to give them the best life possible.  Many people may not realize that being a full-time mom is one of life’s greatest blessings.  I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom (or on-the-go mom).  Thank you, God, for allowing me to be in this position.  May You be glorified in ALL things, including busy schedules and many appointments for the treasures you’ve entrusted to me on this earth.

March 19
  • Conner check up with pediatrician
  • Cooper check up with pediatrician

March 19
  • Conner ENT (hearing test)

March 20
  • Asher dentist
  • Ella dentist
  • Kiefer dentist
  • Naomi dentist
  • Lorraine dentist

March 21
  • Cooper pediatric orthopedist (club feet specialist)

March 26
  • Lorraine testify in friend’s foster child custody case

March 27
  • Cavities filled at dentist (Asher, Ella, Naomi)

March 28
  • Cooper blood draw (labs checking for refeeding syndrome)
  • Conner blood draw (labs checking for refeeding syndrome)

March 29
  • Selah sedated in-depth MRI at Dell Children’s hospital (out patient)

March 30
  • Readopt Conner and Cooper

April 3
  • Asher pediatrician
  • Kiefer’s Gotcha Day

April 4
  • Conner pediatric ophthalmologist
  • Cooper pediatric ophthalmologist

April 5
  • Selah 7-month post-op exam with craniofacial surgeon and neurosurgeon to determine if she must have phase 2 of skull reconstruction
  • Sawyer’s birthday

April 8
  • Easter

April 9
  • Conner follow up with ENT
  • Sawyer audiology exam with ENT (hearing test)

April 18
  • Selah well check with pediatrician

April 28
  • Two year anniversary of day that Chrissie bossed her heart

Still to schedule:  Sawyer and Mom vision tests.  Also waiting to hear back from the pediatric dentist regarding appointments for Cooper and Conner.  Cooper has a TON of cavities that will need to be fixed in the hospital under anesthesia.  I also still have to figure out therapies for Conner and Cooper.  Still working on getting an agency to provide in-home therapy, but, so far, all of the in-home therapy providers only accept Medicaid (not private insurance).  So far, the boys don’t qualify for Medicaid due to our income.  Praying and waiting to see if God has another plan for Conner’s and Cooper’s therapies.  Grateful that Selah’s ex-physical therapist (Selah graduated from PT) has offered her services to the boys for FREE.  One therapy down, 3 to go (OT, speech, feeding). Go God!

Well, happy World Down Syndrome Day!  I pray your life will be touched today by someone with the blessing of that extra special chromosome!

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