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Friday, March 9 Update (a day late)

My husband brought our vehicle DVD players to the hospital so each boy could have their own monitor.  These guys are the best patients.  They are content to hang out, TV or not, which makes things calm and easy in the hospital room, but the reality of this is heartbreaking.  This is what they’re accustomed to.  Sitting in a crib 24/7 for over six years.  They don’t know anything else, and while this is easy for me (as their mom spending 24/7 bedside), I’d much prefer to see them eager to play and move about, exploring, wanting to be held, seeking attention, etc.  This photo was taken Thursday night just before the boys went to bed.

hospital day 5 003


Cooper continues to pull his gown up for any visitor with a stethoscope.  So precious, smart boy!

hospital day 5 004


We woke at 5AM Friday morning to find that Conner had pulled his IV tubing out sometime in the night.  He disconnected the part where blood can be drawn from it, so he was leaking blood.  The sock on his left foot was completely saturated in blood, so we think he disconnected that valve with his foot.

hospital day 5 007


When we were cleaning him up, we took his gown completely off (since it had blood on it), and I almost cried when I saw how much better Conner looked in just 5 days of hospitalization.  Look how much fuller Conner’s belly is and how much better his ribs look!!!

hospital day 5 011

Photo above is Conner March 9, 2012.


Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1701

Photo above is Conner March 3, 2012.


My precious friend, Carrie (Rowans’ mom), gave the boys the most sentimental gift I think they’ll ever receive.  My mom (who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away Dec. 23, 2011) had purchased some fleece fabric for Vlad and Dima (the boys we were originally adopting from Ukraine).  She chose sports fleece to match the room the boys would have had in our home.


My mom died before I was able to share with her that God had a new plan for our adoption since Vlad and Dima went to live with their aunt.  My mom left this earth without my telling her that God had chosen Conner and Cooper to become our new sons.  We were supposed to have our big traditional family gathering at our home Christmas Eve (the day after my mom died), and we were planning to share the news in person.


After my mom died, we went to her house to gather our children’s Christmas gifts from my parents.  We found the sports fleece and knew she was planning to make Vlad and Dima each a blanket to welcome them to our family. 


Well, Carrie took the fleece and made blankets for Conner and Cooper, in memory of my mom and also in honor of Vlad and Dima.  Talk about sentimental!!!  Carrie brought the blankets to the boys Thursday (along with a delicious meal for me!).   These blankets are such a treasure to me.  Thank you, Carrie!!!

hospital day 5 013

photo 2 (5)

hospital day 5 024

photo 1 (4)


Friday morning, the boys got to go to the big therapy playroom at the hospital for some physical therapy.  It reminded me of the therapy room at their orphanage in Ukraine.  Conner loved being upside-down on the therapy ball.

hospital day 5 044


And Cooper loved bouncing on the ball.

hospital day 5 052


Upon our return to the room after therapy, we were given the AMAZING news that both boys are gaining weight and not having any signs of refeeding syndrome/organ failure.  As of Friday morning, Conner had gained 3 pounds, and Cooper had gained 2 pounds!!!  Conner’s hospital ankle ID bracelet had gotten too tight in just 5 days, so we cut it off and got a new one.  The photo below shows his chubbier leg. Smile

hospital day 5 055


Even more amazing is that Conner started DRINKING by mouth!!!!  The boys’ tube feeds is also available in a boxed drink that they can take by mouth.  Cooper had been doing GREAT eating and drinking by mouth, but Conner had continued to refuse to eat or drink anything by mouth until Friday mid-morning. 


I was helping Cooper drink his Kid Essentials nutrition drink, when all of a sudden, Conner crawled over to us and tried to steal Cooper’s drink.  I gave some to Conner, and he gulped down the entire thing!!!  The surgeon stopped by to register Conner for his g-tube surgery, so I was ecstatic to share with him Conner’s accomplishment.  The surgeon smiled and said he’d come back next week to see if Conner still needed a g-tube.


By Friday afternoon, Conner was drinking enough nutrition to pull his NG tube!!!  NO NEED for a g-tube (or NG tube)!!!  Oh my goodness, this is such an answer to prayer, a miracle of our Abba Father.  Thank you, Father!!!


Friday afternoon, Matt (my hubby), Mattie (age 14), Ella (age 7), and Stephanie (our ministry partner and school teacher) came by to visit the boys.  Both Conner and Cooper were like different kids since our kids last saw them.  Both boys have literally come to LIFE.  The boys are so much more active and alert now.  All day Friday, Conner greeted every visitor (including hospital staff) by popping up in his crib and reaching up to be held.  He would give the most loveable, squeezable hugs ever.  Everyone commented that they just wanted to take him home.  Everyone also commented on their amazement at the difference in the boys by Friday afternoon.  They were literally different kids.  Full of LIFE.  Glory to God in the Highest!!!


hospital day 5 078

hospital day 5 085

hospital day 5 086

hospital day 5 089



My sister came Friday night to visit (and bring yummy dinner), so we stayed up late getting caught up.  While she was here, both boys were able to get their IV’s removed!!!  Their labs have been fine, drinking plenty of fluids, getting good nutrition, so the docs said no more IV’s!!!  Praise, praise, praise!!!  The boys finally were tube-free, full bellies, happy, full of life and not wanting to give in to sleep.   After having stayed awake the entire day, since 5AM, the boys finally fell asleep around 9:30PM.

hospital day 5 066

Who, me?  I’m not giving up my videos for sleep.  Who are you  kidding?

photo (41)

Awwwwwww, sleep.  The boys were too precious, sleeping all cuddled together.  They were free from tubes and machines, free to be who God created them to be.  Precious snuggle bugs.



Oh, and I must thank my husband for blessing me Friday afternoon.  He went to Sam’s and bought all the things he felt would make my stay here easier.  Sugar, sugar, sugar, junk, junk, junk.  My man knows how to bless his wife!!!  Love you, Big Daddy!!!

hospital day 5 090


So, the plan as of Friday night was that the boys would  need to stay at the hospital at least until Monday.  Cooper is scheduled for a sedated MRI Monday morning to check his brain for tumors (endocrinologist is concerned about tumor on pituitary gland).  Both boys have to continue daily blood draws to check for refeeding syndrome/organ failure.  After Monday’s labs and MRI results, if all looks good, they should be able to go HOME!!!!!!  Hallelujah!

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