Saturday, March 17, 2012

Singing Praises!

Today is the two week anniversary of the boys being in Texas.  Eight of those days were spent in the hospital, but the boys are catching up quickly.  All that was stolen from them is already starting to be restored.


In just two weeks of being home, Conner (age 6.7 YEARS) went from weighing just 16 pounds to now weighing 20 pounds 1 ounce!!!  He has gained FOUR pounds in two weeks!


Cooper (age 6.9 YEARS) went from weighing 21 pounds to now weighing 26 pounds 6 ounces!!!  In just two weeks, Cooper has gained a little over FIVE pounds!!!


The boys’ hospital pediatrician called yesterday to let me know that their blood results are not showing signs of refeeding syndrome (huge praise), but there are some things that are still “off”, which is what she expected to see.  Conner’s liver enzymes were still elevated, but the levels are decreasing with time, which is good.  Hopefully they’ll be in the normal range soon.  Both boys kidneys are still stressed and working hard, but with more water intake, hopefully this will continue to decrease to a normal range.  Cooper’s iron level is still EXTREMELY low (anemic), but they expect that to increase over time, as he’s now receiving an iron supplement.


We praise God for these encouraging results, and for His protection of the boys and their bodies/organs as they begin to receive proper nutrition.


Cooper is consistently using the potty during waking hours.  This is not something we’ve taught him, in fact, he’s taught us!  He was apparently trained at the orphanage to use the toilet, so as long as we set him on the potty, he goes!  Yippee!  One thing he does that just totally cracks him up (and proves he’s all boy!) is squirting urine (on purpose) all over the room!  Every one of our boys (and yours, too, most likely) has done this at some point in their toddler years, thinking it’s such fun to have the ability to spray the room with urine.  We’ve now discovered that it’s best to give Cooper a toy that requires two hands to hold so his little hands are occupied while he uses the bathroom.  This helps reduce the likelihood of urine being sprayed about, accompanied by the most adorable laugh ever.


The other thing Cooper does that I think is just precious is that he laughs BEFORE he does something he knows he’s not supposed to.  You can just watch his little mind thinking things through.  During meals, when I’m feeding him baby food, he likes to sputter and spit and crack up when the food splatters everywhere.  That’s great fun for Cooper.  Well, he now knows we don’t like this behavior, so each time he takes a bite, we can just see the wheels turning in his mind.  He controls his behavior (by not spitting and sputtering the food out), but he just laughs and laughs and laughs as he THINKS about spitting it out!!!  I just love learning about this boy!



Conner continues to prefer very little stimulation.  I think he’d stay in his crib all day if we’d allow it.  It seems his favorite other place to be (besides his crib) is in a jumparoo (see video above).  He doesn’t jump in it though, he rocks himself.  Conner is a sweet snuggle bug who we all adore.


I wanted to share with you a blessing that felt like God reached out and gave me a big ole hug.  About a month or so ago, a local family gave our family a brand new beautiful cherry wood baby crib.  We had planned to use Pack-n-Plays for the boys, but this gift was one we couldn’t resist.  So then another friend delivered a different crib when she heard we were looking for a second crib.  The second crib was used, and it didn’t match the first crib (it was a honey colored pine Jenny Lind crib), but we really didn’t mind a bit.  We were just grateful that both boys would have cribs, and that both families donated these cribs to us.


Well, I discovered that the second crib had been recalled, so I followed the steps to filing the claim in order to have a safe crib.  Well, I was STUNNED when a BRAND NEW crib arrived that is IDENTICAL to the first crib we were given!!!  (I had no say in this, I simply filled out the forms, expecting to receive another Jenny Lind crib.)  We now have identical cherry wood cribs for the boys!!!  This was nothing short of a sweet blessing straight from God.  He continues to provide in abundance for Conner and Cooper.  (Did I mention before that a Facebook friend sent bedding for both boys?!?!  LOVE it!!!)

cribs, misc March 17, 2012 019

cribs, misc March 17, 2012 008

Today is a day full of our singing praises to our King of kings!

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