Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Precious Sunday

The boys slept great Saturday night/Sunday morning, even with the time change.  The tech came in at 7AM to take their blood pressure, but both boys have orders to not take vitals unless they’re awake (praise God).  I heard the tech come in, watched through my half-closed eyes, saw that he was fixing to put the blood pressure cuff on one of the boys, then I sat up and asked him to stop.  He came over and I explained that the boys have orders not to wake them.  He said, “Do you want me to wake them?”  I, of course, replied, “NOOOOO!!!”  The tech (a man) seemed so confused by this.  My mommy motto is, “NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING CHILD!!!”


Needless to say, the tech left, still confused about why I wouldn’t want to wake the boys.  I, on the other hand, got to snooze another hour while my precious sons slumbered peacefully.

hospital day 7 001



Last Friday, my friend Jamie Ivey stopped by.  God used Jamie to play a role in helping get Kiefer (our 3yo Haitian son) into our family.  She holds a very special place in our hearts.  Anyway, she was all eager to do something to help our family, and I kept resisting help, feeling as if God has already provided SO ABUNDANTLY throughout this adoption journey, we couldn’t possibly ask for anything more.


Well, Jamie then emailed and texted and asked what she could do.  She was eager to ask her friends to help us.  So, I decided to ask for some clothes for the boys, giving specifics about our challenges with Conner’s teeny tiny waist that fits a 6-month size, but his long body requires an 18-month size in order for his pants not to be knickers.  So, I asked for a few items (was specific about what we would like to have), and shortly after Jamie tells me she emailed everyone she’s friends with in Austin!!!  WOW!


So, Sunday morning a sweet couple stopped by and dropped off breakfast (for me), diapers, and two sacks of clothes from Target.  SO PRECIOUS.  Thank you, Meghan and hubby.

hospital day 7 016

hospital day 7 019

See what I mean about the waist being too big?  These are 18-month shorts.

hospital day 7 023

hospital day 7 026

hospital day 7 024

hospital day 7 021

The answer to this clothing dilemma is overall for now (and one-piece outfits), and prayer for Conner to grow, grow, grow!!! Smile  Also, a mom on Facebook said she was going to sew some custom clothing and send it to us.  See what I mean about God’s provision?!?!  It’s over the top with this adoption!!!


So then another mom who is friends with Jamie stopped by at lunch time to deliver lunch (for me) and she brought a sack of clothes and PJ’s from Old Navy.  SO PRECIOUS!!!  Thank you, Jenny.  Just look at these cutie pies in their cute PJ’s:

hospital day 7 046

hospital day 7 034

hospital day 7 049


Sunday was the boys’ best day yet.  Both boys were like caged monkeys, just waiting to be set free.  They were pacing the crib, crawling from one end to the other, switching sides, pulling cords out of the wall, stealing one another’s toys, acting like brothers, totally CRACKING themselves up.  Cooper got to where he was laughing at nothing.  Well, I guess it was something, but I don’t know what.  Maybe he was picturing something in his head that was funny to him.  Maybe he’s just feeling so much better that he just needs to laugh at how great life is. Smile  SO PRECIOUS!!!


Conner had two major milestones today.  HE ATE BABY FOOD FROM A SPOON…TWICE!!!  I figured out (by surprise) that if I hold Conner in my lap, he will accept baby food from a spoon.  If he’s sitting across from me, he refuses, pushing the spoon and bowl away immediately.  Conner ate two large bowls of pureed baby food (banana, mixed grain cereal, with strawberry Kid Essentials nutrition drink mixed in)!!!  WOOHOO!  Go Conner!  Go God!!!


The other milestone was that Conner walked to me!!!  I was playing on the floor with him (dirty hospital floors, yuck, I know, but we didn’t have many options!) when all of a sudden, Conner just stood up and walked BOLDLY.  He took at least 4 steps, maybe more!!!  He was beginning to do this at the orphanage with us in Ukraine when we would play with him in the playroom, but he wasn’t as strong then.  He would mainly lunge to us.  Today Conner took good strong, steady steps!!!  It’s truly amazing to watch God provide such rapid and miraculous healing, strength, growth, development, and personality.  SO PRECIOUS!!!


I have a feeling our guys are going to be handfuls!!!  They are blossoming so much in just ONE WEEK, I can’t imagine what they’ll be like in one month!!! 


Please pray the boys will continue to thrive without any complications of refeeding syndrome/organ failure.  Pray that we’ll be able to go HOME tomorrow (Monday) and start life as a family on our ranch.  We’re all SO READY for that blessing to occur!


Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support.  We feel so privileged that God blessed us with friends like you.  SO PRECIOUS!!!

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