Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At the hospital

I'm emailing a quick update from my phone to let you all know that Cooper and Conner were both admitted to Dell Children's hospital today.

Cooper had a blood sugar (glucose) level of 30!!! That is normally a comatose level, but Cooper was awake, alert, interactive...pretty much his normal self. He had some other issues with his blood work, indicating the need for endocrinology to run a battery of tests. Won't have all of those results for a few days because some of the tests had to be sent out since the hospital lab couldn't analyze some of the tests.

Cooper is our healthier of the two boys, so this was quite a surprise to us!

Even more surprising is that Conner's blood work appears to be fine!!! He's our tiny, frail lil guy who we were sure would be the one to be admitted (and he is), but, according to his lab work, he's in much better shape than Cooper!!!

A variety of specialists will begin assessing the boys during the day shift today (Tuesday) to address the variety of issues and figure out what all is going on with each boy.

Thank you all for praying. We'd love for this to be a speedy process so we can get home and bond as a family. Grateful for American medical care, grateful for understanding and compassionate doctors and nurses, grateful God has sustained these boys and granted us the privilege to be their parents.

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