Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Casts are on!

Cooper has both of his casts on now, using the Ponseti method of repair for his bilateral club feet. I was surprised to discover the casting position requires bent knees for Cooper for at least six weeks. He will get a new cast every Wednesday, with hopes that his feet will begin moving into a less clubbed position over a six week period.

If the casts work, after six weeks of castings, Cooper will have surgery to clip his heel cord, then be in casts for three more weeks.

If that works and Cooper's feet are no longer clubbed after this nine week procedure, he will be fitted for shoes with bars/braces between them that he will wear every night for three years.

Would you please keep praying for my friend's custody trial for her foster son? I was able to testify yesterday (Tuesday) because the judge and attorneys agreed to my being called out of order since I couldn't come back in the near future due to my schedule. He trial will resume tomorrow (Thursday), but Selah (our 17-month-old) has a sedated brain MRI tomorrow, so I won't be present at the trial. Just keep praying for birth mom's rights to be terminated and for my friend to be filled with His wisdom and His peace that passes all understanding.

Thank you so much!

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