Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First {and only} Day Home

Our transition HOME…continued…


Since we got home around 11PM Saturday night, the boys didn’t go to bed until 2AM Sunday morning (March 4).  They slept well in their new room (they share a room), but Conner woke at 6AM and wasn’t interested in sleeping.  He “sang” (he’s started making humming sounds that resemble singing) for a while, then we brought him into our bed with us.  He hung out in our bed (awake, singing, content) until 8AM, then we all got up and started our first day as a family.


Kiefer and Ella are infatuated with their new brothers.  They spent the entire day carrying the boys around, trying to play with them, loving on them, giving them tons of attention.  I continue to be overwhelmed with the love God has bestowed upon our family.  It’s nothing we can take any credit for; it’s truly all God.  Our kiddos just enjoy relationship.  Every time God has delivered a new child to our family, He knits all of our children’s hearts together as friends and playmates, in a way that gives Him all the glory, as it’s most definitely not anything we are capable of creating.


Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1728[3]

Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1743[3]

Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1747[3]

I didn’t ask the kids to pose for these photos.  This is what we were blessed with Sunday morning.  Kids loving on their new siblings.  All.Day.Long.  Such a blessing!!!


We decided to get dressed after breakfast and take the boys outside to enjoy the gorgeous sunshiny Texas day.  Conner’s so tiny that we couldn’t find any clothing that fit him properly.  His waist is about a 6-month size, but his length is about an 18-month size, while his age is 6 years 7 months.  So sad.


Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1749[3]

These pants are an 18-month pant with the waist adjusters cinched up as tightly as we could get them.  We still could have fit two Conner’s into this pair of pants!!!  The length was good, but the waist just swallowed him up!


As I was changing Conner’s clothes, one by one, the other kiddos started to gather around, trying to help, sharing hugs and kisses and love. Smile


Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1751[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 012[3]


Kiefer (age 3) commented on how small Conner’s feet are.  The smallest shoe we had was an infant size 4, which literally fell off his feet.  We put the shoes on anyway, then Kiefer and Ella wanted to compare their feet sizes.  Conner (age 6)  is on the far left in the photo below, Kiefer (age 3) is in the middle, and Ella (age 7) is on the right.

Cooper and Conner travel HOME Kiev to Austin 1754[3]


We took the boys outside for some sunshine.  They were so very lethargic, but still hung in there remarkably well.

Cooper and Conner HOME 017[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 023[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 028[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 030[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 031[3]


Daddy started tickling Cooper and roughhousing with him (which Cooper LOVES), so I captured some smiles on camera.

Cooper and Conner HOME 040[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 058[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 062[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 067[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 069[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 070[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 071[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 072[3]


We tried getting Conner to smile, but were unsuccessful.  He was just so lethargic, he didn’t want to do anything but cuddle.  Sweet boy.

Cooper and Conner HOME 074[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 075[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 082[7]

Cooper and Conner HOME 085[3]


Neither boy wanted to eat or drink Sunday.  We were able to force enough fluids to sustain them, but felt that a visit to the hospital would be in place for the following day, Monday, March 5.


Mattie helped me bathe Conner Sunday night, and she was shocked to see how tiny he is without clothes.

Cooper and Conner HOME 121[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 122[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 123[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 124[3]

Cooper and Conner HOME 127[3]


Conner fell asleep in Mattie’s arms shortly after his bath, so we laid him down around 7:30PM.  Cooper fell asleep in Mattie’s arms around 8:30PM.  Both boys slept through the night, with Conner waking Monday (March 5) around 6AM again, ready to snuggle in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.


Then we developed a plan for the boys’ care…

…to be continued…

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