Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update on Chrissie 2/23, 5:45PM

Chrissie is hanging in there. Her fever is hanging out around 99 or 100, and I’m not giving her any Tylenol or Motrin, hoping that the fever will fight off the illness. The nebulizer treatments are helping tremendously, but we are only allowed to give those every 4 hours. Her main struggle right now is with her cough. Our pediatrician doesn’t want to completely medicate the cough 100% of the time because we want her to cough up any mucous and have a productive cough so she doesn’t get pneumonia. However, when she coughs, she doesn’t get adequate oxygen and turns blue/purple. So, if her coughing goes into a fit, this is a big deal. I think we’ve been able to find an acceptable balance between the nebulizer, cough meds, cough drops, and productive coughing. I am able to let her cough for about 2 hours, after a nebulizer treatment. Then I give her a 4 hour cough syrup, which manages her cough for about 3 hours. She’s able to rest during that time. Then we’re able to give another nebulizer treatment, and repeat the process.
Blue toes (this is normal)

Nebulizer treatment in the night.

Chrissie slept for a good 4 hours without coughing last night, then we started the process of learning how to manage things. She was able to take a good 3 hour nap today that was totally cough-free. When she woke from her nap, Chrissie’s first words were, “I sick. I need more chocolate.” That girl CRACKS me up!!!
So, what did I do?!? OF COURSE, I gave the girl some chocolate! (I did have her eat a sandwich first.)
Yummy…brownie batter, my FAVORITE!!!

Chrissie was a happy girl as she licked the brownie batter from the bowl. Chocolate does wonders for a sick little girl!
Chocolate kisses from Chrissie!
(You can see a little spunk in this photo, which I LOVE!)

Big snowflakes in the Hill Country of Texas today!

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