Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 2, Way 2: Chrissie's Make-A-Wish Disney Dream

Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

The Shirt: 147 Million Orphans, Feed 1
The Site:
The Scripture: “Speak up for those who have no voice..."  Proverbs 31:8a
The Story:  147 Million Orphans is an orphan advocacy started by 2 moms who have 13 kids.  Just "met" them (online) when I placed an order for shirts for our 7 Days, 7 Ways orphan advocacy.  Our shirt purchases are helping kids in Haiti, and 147 Million Orphans donated all kinds of extra gear for us to help with our 7 Days, 7 Ways campaign!!! 

Barney came to Give Kids The World to visit the kids this morning.
Chrissie was intimidated by the big guy, but she did allow us to take a photo.

Our Day 2 Make-A-Wish Adventure, Saturday, Feb. 12: Today began early as we wanted to meet Barney at Give Kids The World. Chrissie was afraid of the big guy, as we assumed would be the case. A big purple dinosaur in real life is quite intimidating! She did let us get some photos with him, but she wanted to stay on the outside, furthest from Barney. So cute!
The kids got to make pillows at Give Kids The World using the "Pillow Factory" machine.
All of the wish kids who stay at Give Kids The World make a star that they hang on the ceiling.  It's an amazing sight to look up and see thousands of twinkling stars.  Here is a pic of Chrissie decorating her star.

Chrissie is proud of her Make-A-Wish Star!

We decided to visit Universal Studios Orlando, Island of Adventure. It was 35 degrees outside and raining, HARD. We went anyway, knowing we only have 7 day total in Florida (including our travel days), and we have 6 days of tickets to parks. We stopped off at K-Mart on the way to buy everyone a much–needed rain poncho. We chose to valet park due to the rain, then we all jumped out, sporting our rain ponchos, and hit the park running. In an effort to see the park quickly, Matt took Chrissie to Dr. Seussville, and I went with the big kids to ride the big rides. We probably only stayed at the park about 4 hours, but we were able to ride everything in the park because there were no crowds to inhibit maneuvering quickly throughout the park.

Entrance to Universal Studios

The Hulk ride was FUN!!!
(Chrissie and Sawyer weren't tall enough to ride it though...maybe next time.)
The kids and I had a fun time riding the big roller coasters, and Chrissie LOVED the rides in Seussville. Poor Matt doesn’t do roller coasters or theme parks. In fact, he loathes both. He’s just along to be a good sport and enjoy his family and help make Chrissie’s dream come true. As I waited with Sawyer by a coaster that he wasn’t tall enough to ride, we discussed all of the rides in the park with the worker. The young lady shared with us that out of all of the rides in both Universal parks, more people vomit on The Cat in the Hat than any other ride.

And guess which ride Matt rode with Chrissie?

You got it…The Cat in the Hat!!!

He was extremely nauseated the rest of the day, but he was the #1 Daddy out there…the daddy who can’t ride rides because he gets nauseated, yet he rode The Cat in the Hat with his baby girl (of course, he didn’t know that it was the one ride in both parks that more people get sick on!!!). Super Daddy!

The exit "guard" at Universal took our photo as we left the park.  It was a COLD and WET day!

Happy Chrissie waiting with Daddy for the valet driver to get our van.  So worth $22 to avoid the downpour on the LONG hike to the regular parking lot!!!

After about 4 hours of rides, 35 degree weather, and heavy rain, we all decided it was a good time to go home. I was able to ring water out of my socks! Surprisingly, no one was frozen and no one melted down. We all crawled into our warm and snuggly beds for a wonderful afternoon nap. After our naps, we enjoyed our evening at Give Kids The World with time at Amberville (the arcade), a home-cooked dinner, carousel rides, and the Pirates and Princesses party at GKTW.

The Pirates and Princesses party was a hoot. Sawyer was the life of the party as he attempted to breakdance on stage!!! Shamu was at the party, dressed as a pirate, and another Seaworld character was dressed as a princess. They had temporary tattoo stations, make-up application stations, treasure map stations, loot bag stations, and more. They had music and dancing and tiaras and swords. Chrissie wanted to have make-up applied, and the lady working that booth fell in love with her. Chrissie was telling her how to put the make-up on, what colors she wanted where, and then she asked for more lipstick. I asked Chrissie why she wanted MORE lipstick and she said, “Just because I can. I a princess.” OK, melt my heart, precious one!!!

Later in the night, they introduced all of the princesses and pirates on stage. They called Chrissie out first. The spotlight shone brightly upon her precious face, and she smiled with glee, just like she was in a beauty pageant. I will never forget that look on her face, as the audience clapped for her. She stood on the stage, front and center, beaming like the beautiful princess that she is. Chrissie enthusiastically clapped for all of the pirates and princesses as they were announced one by one.

These precious memories will stay with us for a lifetime. We are so very blessed.


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