Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Days, 7 Ways for 7 People to Make a Difference

I need your help.  God planted an idea in my mind that I need to act quickly on.  That's why I need YOUR help!

We have 7 people in our family. 
We'll be on our Make-A-Wish trip for 7 days. 
That's 7 outfits for 7 people for 7 days.
What better way to advertise for God's plan for the orphan?!?  7 Days, 7 Ways!

The publicity:  We'll be updating our blog with photos and stories every day of our Make-A-Wish trip.  We'll have Make-A-Wish royal treatment that is sure to get people's attention.  With 7 people all dressed the same, we'll have 7 days of 7 ways to advocate for orphans!!!

But, I need your help in finding t-shirts!!!

I would ideally like to find 7 different designs of t-shirts that advocate for the orphan (we'll all wear the same design each day, but we'll need 7 different designs so we can wear a new design each day).  So far, I have 2 different shirts already taken care of, so that leaves 5 more to find.  (We'd love to find fundraiser shirts so that we can help out adoptive families with fundraising in the process of fulfilling our shirt orders!)

The problem is that it's really hard to find 7 shirts for the variety of sizes that we need, and now I'm dealing with a time crunch as well since we leave for Disney Feb. Thursday!!!  EEK!

Here are the sizes of shirts I need for our family:
1 Youth XS
1 Youth M
1 Youth L
1 Adult S
1 Adult M
1 Adult L
1 Adult XL

If you would please spread the word and help us locate 5 different eye-catching designs of orphan-advocating shirts that we can have in our possession by Wed. Feb. 10, that would be AWESOME!

This was all God's idea, so I know He'll get it done.  I just need your help in getting the word out.

7 Shirts, 7 Days, 7 People...7 Ways to Make a Difference.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."  James 1:27

Help us advocate!!!


Renee said...

Hi, Mrs. Patterson!

I am so excited that y'all get to go to Disney! I sure hope you have fun!

As for your T-shirt dilemma...
Have you thought about designing your own? There are many sites out there. The one that we used for our Alto shirts in choir was They have the sizes that you need, too. :)

Y'all are in my prayers; especially Chrissie! I'm so glad they found a match!

God bless,

Amy said...

Oh way cool of an idea! Don't you just love it when God does that? Here is one I love that is an adoption fund raiser. Can't wait to hear about your trip and see pictures!!

mrsdlanemoore said...


I have a friend adopting from Africa this year and he has a friend selling shirts to raise awareness/money for adoptions. I am not sure of the size ranges, but it might be worth a look-see

April said...

I came across your blog through Building the Blocks blog. has alot of tshirts. YOu can purchase them, and the proceeds will help a family with their adoption. Just a thought!

Kelly said...

What a neat idea! You can also make your own if you need to! Fabric paint and electricians tape, and off you go. :)

Kari said...

Lorraine, I'm SO HAPPY you found our T shirts for your Make A Wish adventure. I'm starting the journey reading thru your blog and I just want you to know that we will be praying for Chrissie!! I just put your button on my blog! God moves mountains and brings an army to pray... we will spread the word. Please know how thrilled I was to help get those to you asap!! I can't wait to see pics!! Blessings,

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